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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

25L Tuesday, The Good Gorean Picks

Ok, its here! 25L Tuesday is better then ever and slam full of great deals for all of us. Just a few hours away for the deals to go away for good so check out my personal picks of the week below and run to get them!

 Mesh "Pashmina" Dress or "Pashmina" Scarf from On A Lark (25L) ★
★ Mesh "Mikita" Dress from Freya (25L)
★ Mesh "Thassa" or "Give Me Your Heart" from May's Soul (25L) ★
★ Mesh "Yellow Squash Garden Plot" from Dysfunctional Designs (25L)
★ Mesh "Erika" Dress from Luas (25L)
★ Mesh Boots from MeshedUp (25L)
★ Mesh "Muriel" Dress from Dream Things (25L)
★ Mesh Garden Bench from [Tia] (25L)   
★ Mesh Animated Howl from Gumi's Flower Shop (25L)
 The Garden Plot collection of Dysfunctional Designs keeps growing and i'm just falling in love for these cuties that will look great anywhere in your sim. For 25L and only today you can get this Mesh Squash Plot.

I want to highlight aswell the 25L offer from [Tia]. This beautiful Mesh Garden Bench. Comes with 6 Single sits and 3 Cuddles.

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