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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Walk Like a Gorean!

I had sooo much fun with these awesome mesh masks that the mighty Von Strauss send to me and for some damn reason the famous song from the Bangles, Walk Like an Egyptian played in my head over and over again. First the good news! Von Strauss opened this great looking store in a excellent gorean mall district called Fade to Black. Many well known gorean stores are there like Freya, On A Lark, Erebos, G-Spot, Cellar Door etc etc etc so take few minutes soon and go visit it besides its an excellent way to shop without teleporting around every 5 minutes. Now let's focus in what it matters. Below theres a few new releases from Von Strauss.
These badass looking masks are perfect for you real gorean roleplay plus
Von Strauss released a cool mesh sword featured below on the picture too. 

★ *Left & Middle Picture* Mesh "Anubis White" Mask from Von Strauss (100L)
 ★ *Right Picture* Mesh "Golden Warrior Helmet" from Von Strauss (100L)
★ *Middle Picture* Assassin Sword from Von Strauss (100L)
★ Mesh "Black Widow" Dress from Eruption (500L - Includes: Skirt; Top; Corset; Middle Belt; Lower Belt & Boots)
Remember my post about Eruption new release? No? See it here -> *Eruption goes Boom* Black Widow by Eruption.
Just a side note that Black Widow is NOW available at Eruption Mainstore and you can purchase it for only 500L. All the parts in the outfit are separate so you can re-use all the belts, corset, skirts, top and boots in your other outfits and once again i tell you that the Black Widow is an original mesh work by Eruption. hurraaayyyy \o/
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