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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baking Time With Dysfunctional Designs

Before i leave for a long weekend (yep, im moving to another state so things will be busy for the real me) and get on my house hunt i leave with you guys this beautiful kitchen set by the one and only Dysfunctional Designs. I blogged countless times the sweet mesh items
Dysfunctional Designs puts out for the 25L Tuesday event and since i knew about this store i been completely hooked to it! If you visit the store don't forget to swing by the freebies section, there is a lot a good stuff Anke Sillyfish (anke.hatchuk) put out there for free. Now the new goodies...

★ Mesh Hearth & Supplies from Dysfunctional Designs (250L - 5 prims unscripted, copyable, 100% original mesh)

★ Mesh Wash Basin from Dysfunctional Designs (175L - 1 prim unscripted, or 2 prims with 3 anims and 2 props, copyable, 100% original mesh)

★ Mesh Stocked Shelf from Dysfunctional Designs (95L 1 prim unscripted, copyable, 100% original mesh)

Now the good part!!!
★ Full Mesh Kitchen Set from
Dysfunctional Designs (425L *Basically you are just paying for the Hearth and the Basin making the Stocked Shelf free as you buy the whole set!*)

Visit Dysfunctional Designs Blog for more Info
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