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Sunday, March 24, 2013

*Eruption goes Boom* Black Widow by Eruption

I have to say this is a very special post to me. Since the early days i been know as PewPew Zero, Miss Charle Macbain has been a true friend and like a rl mom to me. Anyways...cheesy emotions aside, Charle Macbain is the owner of Eruption: a wonderful store for all gorean/medieval roleplay needs and she has awesome stuff from building and furniture to clothing but SL changed a lot and mesh took over the virtual world we see today. I am a regular blog explorer and everyday i see bloggers posting about the lack of original mesh content in SL. I personally don't have anything against designers that use templates to put together their creations however i give a big HIGH FIVE to designers that make their creations from scratch. 

I am very please to announce that Eruption is one of those store and is releasing it's first mesh outfit. Every single inch of this outfit is original and even 90% of the textures were hand made by Charle Macbain. I followed Charle progress while she learned her way around the software to create her mesh and when i saw it for the first time inworld i was like WOW, HOLY SH*T. Black Widow is the first of a long line of original mesh clothing that is about to come and i hope you are as much excited as i am. Check out exclusive premiere snapshots of the Black Widow outfit below and dont forget to grab the few gifts i found this weekend from The Evil Bunny Hunt 3.

★ Mesh Hair from Magika (250L)
★ Mesh "Black Widow" Dress from Eruption (*Coming Soon* 500L - Includes: Skirt; Top; Corset; Middle Belt; Lower Belt & Boots)
★ Eye Shadow, Hood & Scarf from Bite & Claw (Free - The Evil Bunny Hunt 3)
★ Mesh Nails from Sen's (Group Gift)

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