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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Rights

After the kitchen set released by Dysfunctional Designs now we have a wonderful table set available only for 265L! See it HERE!
There's a lot of new gorean releases going on. The Sweet Pea just put out a brand new dress called Nodachi and girls it is SO beautiful you gotta see it for yourself at The Sweet Pea mainstore! Returned Karma has as well some cute new releases and i plan to snap some pictures and share all of this and more when i return.

Well ok, this sucks. I need to go pack for the weekend but i had to sit my butt down and do my online thing. Before i go for REAL i wanted to share with you one more thing. Found some cool gifts recently and put this together, hope you like it!

See you soon!

★ Mesh Hair from Burley (300L)
★ Mesh Shirt and Vest from {A&C} Sweet (Group Gift)
★ Necklace & Belt from GSpot (380L - Part of Serenity Outfit)
★ Mesh Skirt from Wild Talender (300L - Part of Mindi Outfit)
★ Mesh Boots from coco & skimpy (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Purse from GSpot (299L - Part of Lupta Outfit)

"You cannot treat me badly," I said. "You must treat me well." I looked at him, boldly. "I have rights," I said. "I am a free woman."
Slave Girl of Gor   Book 11   Page 92

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