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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Realm of Armitage

There’s nothing like a beautiful fantasy sim that has the power to indulge you into an exciting world of magic and extraordinary cliffhangers - The Realm of Armitage is exactly that.

The realm’s enchanting landscapes will guide you to endless adventures in a deep world of high fantasy. Fans of World of Warcraft, Fable, Dragon Age and Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron, will spot tons of references in the fictional world of Armitage, which is set in an era fueled by magical powers and basic weapon technology. Flintlock fantasy is still evolving and being defined but the bottom line is this: expect a fantasy world with guns. You are welcome to join the realm anytime you want and there is no need of submitting applications – just choose your race and traits accordingly to start your adventure.

Compelling storylines make questing in The Realm of Armitage a compelling activity, but it’s not just the writing that will draw the player in. Freedom in storytelling can evolve at the player’s own pace, growing and including more features to the character. Every 2-3 months, the administrators will introduce a new adventure, giving the opportunity to further unfold special elements in the player's story-line.
In The Realm of Armitage, you create your alter ego by choosing from a variety of powerful races and subraces, and then you begin exploring, questing, and battling. Fortunately, the very approachable custom-made HUD is a wonderful add-on to the game – it will grant and track XP, gold, health and dice bonuses.

The fundamentals are all here, such as fighting dangerous opponents and monsters, exploring the countryside either alone or in the company of other players, undertaking various quests, gaining experience levels and new abilities, or acquiring powerful items - there's always something to do or somewhere to go. In addition, the beautiful, majestic world translates into a one-of-a-kind experience that seems fresh and original in its own right.

The Realm of Armitage opens Friday, June 28, 2019. 

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