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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Enchanting Junbug

Yes, I am finally back - you can now catch me online mostly on weeknights during EST evenings.  I will be working in the next few days on updating the GE Maps and checking out new events, sales, gifts and new role-play sims. I am truly excited to be back to play and share a few blog posts with you.

The May edition of the Enchantment event is inspired by Game of Thrones and it couldn’t come at a better time. The new (and controversial) season is here and this event is a sweet treat for the many GoT role-players in Second Life. Although "The Iron Throne” is the event’s theme, medieval and gorean role-players will find plenty of goods to fall in love with. The Junbug’s gown I’m featuring below is my personal favorite but that is no surprise by the amount of times I’ve blogged about this store. Junbug’s designs and craftsmanship has always been among the best in Second Life and with no shame (or sponsorship) I backed up this claim countless times.

The “House Lannister” inspired look stirred up memories of fun times at the old ROIAF sim - coincidentally, this was the last time I’ve managed to role-play a somewhat of a decent role in GoT. At that time, red gowns and red everything flooded my inventory but these two pieces of jewelry were my most-treasured. Today, it was time to bring both back to complete my "Flower of the West" look.

For a brief moment, I was able to dream of a world with no Starbucks’ cups, death by bricks, and other strange sorcery. Season 8 has been complete garbage and as further we go in the season the worse it gets. My only hope is that Game of Thrones prequel (rumored to be called "The Long Night") won’t be this disappointing.

But…tell me, what do you think of Game of Thrones so far?

"Surrender - Blonde" from Truth (250L - Uber Event. Includes Mesh Hair in 2 Sizes and Texture HUD with 12 Hair Texture Options and 4 Styling Options)

"The Red Queen - Ruby" Gown from Junbug (495L - Enchantment Event. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya)

"Trojan Necklace - Gold" from The Forge (350L. Includes Mesh Necklace. Available in Black Only)

Sionnach Circlet" from Aisling (375L. Includes Texture HUD with 40 Textures for The Stones, 8 Textures for the Diamonds, 5 Textures for the 3 Different Metal Parts) 

"Captured Butterfly Pose" from Distorted Dreams (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes 1 Static Pose and 2 Wearable Butterflies Parts)

Location: Whispering Windz 

"Harmund II Hoare, known as Harmund the Haggler, spent his youth as a ward of the Lannisters at Casterly Rock. Once King of the Iron Islands, Harmund married Lady Lelia, the daughter of the King of the Rock and the "fairest flower of the west". Their children were raised in the Faith of the Seven."

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Happy Birthday to We Love Role-play

The Good Gorean and the GE Maps will return to normal activity next week and I'm excited to catch up the new events and what the role-play community has been up to - I plan to do a lot of exploring in-world and see the new GE groups in Second Life. Meanwhile, if you have a group and would like to see it listed in the GE Maps or if you would like me to visit for blogging purposes feel free to share a landmark in my main account: PewPew Zero.

May is a very special month for the We <3 Role-play event and for me as well. 2013 was the starting year for the many fashion events and Second Life blogs we know today. Role-players only had a couple of weekly sales but we demanded more merchandise, more creators and more options that could be suitable to the different role-play communities. 
To meet this high demand, We <3 Role-play was born out of a lot of work, sweat and tears and The Good Gorean was there from day 1. Not only this blog grew exponentially because of this special sponsorship but it was a bridge between the gorean community and this particular role-play fashion event.  On May 4, 2013, all the hard work payed off and the We <3 Role-play event was a tremendous success. The number of  monthly visitors continued to grow, setting the stage for new, smaller and unknown role-play creators to shine in recognition and fulfillment.  

This special event and The Good Gorean have been together from the very beginning - 6 wonderful years. To you, We <3 Role-play, I wish a very Happy Birthday and cheers to 6 more.

To celebrate We <3 Role-play's birthday, the administrators are hosting a photo contest with amazing prizes. To enter, you must use at least one item from May's round and it has to be properly credited in the description. Tag the photo with "WLRPBDAY2019" and submit your photo HERE. The winner will be gifted with the amount of 25,000L and early access for the rest of the year. 2nd and 3rd place winners will have a prize of 15,000L and 10,000L with also early access to the event. To have a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes, you must submit the photos until Wednesday, May 29. Please visit the We <3 Role-play Birthday Contest Rules for further information. The winners will be announced June 4th.

Not only I'm excited for the celebrations of this event but for the progress that Linden Labs has been showing in improving our platform. Let me give you a quick recap:

- The new continent, Bellisseria, is officially here with new and improved Linden Homes. If you are a Premium Member, you will have the opportunity to chose from a variety of models including the new Houseboats and a large, good-looking and updated Traditional model. Unfortunately the new Linden Homes are already sold out but more will be available soon. Read all about it HERE.

- Marketplace also receive some exciting updates. Merchants can now nominate up to 5 store managers and define how exactly you want them to manage. Unlist, redeliver, listing enhancements and change prices are just a few of the available permissions you may offer your managers. 

- Lumiya, the popular Android app for Second Life, is now gone from Google Play. Nobody knows exactly what happened and why this application vanished but if you still have it in your phone or other devices, you are in luck - the app still works. This is a story in development but hopefully we will have answers in a near future.

Have a wonderful week!

"Ligeia" Hair from F&M Oblivion (Available at We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Hair and Texture HUD with 30 Texture Options for Hair and 6 Texture Options for Ribbons)

"Agate - Brown" Dress from Belle Epoque (199L for Single Color Pack or 1499L for Fatpack - We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Dress for Maitreya. Available in Beige, Brown, Navy, Olive, Pink, Plum, Sky, and White)

"Dragon Rider Boots" from Adam n Eve (190L for Single Color Pack or 600L for Fatpack -  We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Boots for Maitreya and SLink. Available in 10 Color Options)

"Celtic Necklace Triquetra" from F&M Oblivion (Anniversary Gift - Available at We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Celtic Necklace in 4 Versions)

"Gwen's Glyph Shield" Arm & Hand Magical Shield from Deadly Nightshade (Anniversary Gift - Available at We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes Swirl Shield for Arm and Hand Piece)

"Brienne" Pose Set from BellePoses (180L - We <3 Role-play Event *May Edition*. Includes 5 Static Poses + Mirror Poses and L & R Sword Prop)

Location: Elvion 

Thursday, April 11, 2019


And just like that, Easter is around the corner. For many Christians this means a day off work to celebrate this holiday with family and friends, and a hand full of chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth – if this is your case, Happy Easter to you and your family.

The Good Gorean has been on a slow mode because of my sudden leave but I've managed to take a few minutes out of my day to play a little with a couple of my favorite items from the
We <3 Role-play and a brand new event called Driftwood. Both rounds turned out to be absolutely fantastic but let's give Driftwood a little bit of more attention. This new Fantasy/Dreams/Mythical fashion event has no set themes, giving the creators plenty of room for imagination. The debut round has a great mix of fantasy merchandise giving the shoppers more options and great deals. It's always exciting to see a new fashion event coming to life but if it's a fantasy fashion event that makes me thrilled! Don't forget to visit both events in the upcoming weeks – We <3 Role-play ends in the of April and Driftwood on May 5.

The Fantasy Faire is now looking for their King and Queen of the Fairelands and their Chancellor.  The nominations will close at Midnight on April 20th , and you have someone in mind please make sure you read the rules and fill out the form HERE . The winners will be announced April 28th during the Live Auction event. Fantasy Fair will open in 7 days on Thursday, April 18th.

There are also other exciting news I need to share - Linden Labs has been working on a new continent (previously mentioned on my last post), and we will also see new Linden Homes arriving very soon. The old Linden Homes will be going away in the next couple of years, if not sooner. While we wait to see what Easter eggs are coming from Linden Labs, we can finally enjoy the new Animesh rideable horses. The ~*WH*~ Animesh horse was finally released last week with notable upgrades from the Bento version, 2 new breeds, and hours of fun! The personal version is priced at $4,499 and the public/friends version is priced at $12,999 – group members qualify for discounts.

"Imp Eyes - Red" from A.D.D. Andel! (55L for Single Pack or 225L for Fatpack - We <3 Role-play Event *April Edition*. Includes Mesh Eyes, Omega HUD, and System Eyes. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Red)

"Erno Eyemakeup" from Zibska (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *April Edition*. Includes Makeup Appliers for Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, and Omega with 12 Makeup Options and Makeup Tattoo Layers)

"Inge Tattoo" Neck Tattoo from Zibska (180L - We <3 Role-play Event *April Edition*. Includes Tattoo Appliers for Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, Maitreya and Omega with 12 Tattoo Options and Tattoo Layers)

"F108" Hair from KMH (325L for Single Color Pack or 550L for Fatpack - Driftwood Event. Includes Hair in 3 Sizes, Natural Texture HUD with 39 Texture Options, Color HUD with 42 Texture Options, Color Picker HUD and Accessories Texture HUD. Available in Black, Crimson, Hunter, and Sapphire)

 "Anelka - Brown" Dress from JANG'KA (250L - Driftwood Event. Includes Mesh Dress for Maitreya. Available in 4 Color Options)

"Warrior Boots" from Scarlet Fey (399L - Driftwood Event. Includes Mesh Boots for Maitreya)

 " Staff of the Hours" from The Half Moon Market (199L - Driftwood Event. Includes Wearable Mesh Staff with 6 Color Options)

"Inge Set" Head Orbit from Zibska (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *April Edition*. Includes Orbit, Left and Right Collar Pieces and Texture HUD with 21 Texture Options for Main and Accent)

"Decadant" Nose Ring from Elemental (69L - We <3 Role-play Event *April Edition*. Includes Mesh Nose Ring and Texture HUD with 10 Texture Options for Gems and 3 Texture Options for Metal)

"Keep It Real" Poses from X.T.C (180L - Driftwood Event. Includes 5 Static Poses)

"Enjoy the Silence - Nature Scene" Background Scene from .:Tm:. Creation (Available at
Driftwood Event. Includes Nature Scene with Copy & Mod Permissions and Additional Wild Grass. 11 L.I. for Scene and 0.5 L.I. for Grass)

"Flidas or Flidais (modern spelling: Fliodhas, Fliodhais) is a female figure in Irish Mythology, known by the epithet Foltchaín ("beautiful hair"). She is believed to have been a goddess of cattle and fertility. In the recent past she has been popularly rendered as a woodland goddess akin to the Greek Artemis and Roman Diana, though scholars now believe this to be incorrect."

Friday, March 29, 2019

Victoria Woodhull

Hello all! As I've mentioned before, The Good Gorean is at a very slow pace  until mid-May but I will do my very best to post something here and there. Hopefully after the dust settles down, I will return to my usually posting. The GE Maps will also return in May.

It was very relaxing to sit down and put together this post with a Wild West flavor. The March edition of the We <3 Role-play was a fantastic round but now it's time to say goodbye. We also must say farewell to Google+ which will be officially pronounced dead on Tuesday, April 2nd. Make all of your important backups by Sunday, March 31s. The Second Friends' owner also announced the closure of this social network.

Not all are sour news - Second Life is adding a brand new continent with 384 regions and Premium Members are now able to auction their private parcels. You are now able to control start and end times, bid amounts and more. To know more about this new feature, check out the link HERE.

See you soon!

"Tivi" Hair from NYNE (Free - Group Gift)

"Vibez" Eyeshadow Pack from POUT! (Free - Group Gift. Includes Eyeshadow Applier for Catwa, Vista, AK, Genus, and Lelutka)

"Pandora Gown - Crimson" from Silvan Moon Designs (337L - We <3 Role-play Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown and Jacket for Maitreya and SLink. Available in Black, Crimson, Hunter, and Sapphire)

"Halda-a Labret" Unisex Piercing & Dimples from Drunken Brokkr (150L - We <3 Role-play Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Piercing and Texture HUD with 5 Texture Options for 2 Different Parts and Dimples and Texture HUD with 5 Texture Options for Left and Right Dimples for Catwa Catya, Catwa Daniel, Catwa Kimberly, Catwa Lona, Catwa Pink, Catwa Shaheen, Catwa Skell, Catwa Stanley, Catwa Uma, Genus Babyface, Genus Classic and Unrigged Mesh Versions)

Location: Candlewood

"More than 140 years ago, Victoria Woodhull was nominated for president of the United States by the Equal Rights Party. She conducted a stormy campaign, which she financed by daring operations as a Wall Street broker. Victoria and her sister published a newspaper called Woodhull and Claflin’s Weekly and printed scandalous ideas advocating “free love.” The tabloid-style periodical, which was read from coast to coast, also featured articles about how to divorce your spouse, how to operate a brothel and how to become a profitable soiled dove. Prompted by agents of the Society for the Suppression of Obscene Literature, Woodhull was arrested in 1872 and charged with circulating obscene and indecent publications."

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mysterious Gor - Initiates Caste

Role-playing as an Initiate can be a changeling role but it can also be highly rewarding as you build your story-line in Gor. You must dedicate some time to learn the odds and ends - being an Initiate is much more just wearing white robes and walk around pretending you’re the Pope. As you dive into the Caste of Initiates, you will probably learn certain topics about Gor you have been oblivious to. The Caste of Initiates is one of the most interesting society branches in Gor and yet, the most mysterious one.

The Initiates Caste (or the Blessed Caste) worships and dedicates its life to their Gods, the Priest Kings, making them the highest of the five High Castes of Gor. They are considered the intermediaries to the Priest Kings and one of the two court systems in Gor which makes this particular caste thrive as the most wealthy and powerful. The Initiates are highly respected and intimidating to the rest of the society – most would think by offending an Initiation could result on extreme repercussions such as being killed by the Flame Death.

With great power comes great responsibilities and restrictions. The Initiates must wear white robes and be bald-headed; they cannot drink alcohol or eat meat or beans if they wish to achieve immortality; they are forbidden to carry weapons and to kill; sacrifice rituals are common; and females are forbidden to become an Initiate or touch one. Violation of these crimes may result in death penalty but laws may differ from one group to another.

The home of the Priest Kings, the Sacred Sardar Mountains, is encircled by a palisade of black logs. Inside the palisade, an Initiate guards a towering gate that leads to the core of Sardar Mountains. The traveler that wishes to cross the gates will be judged by the Initiate and depending on his final verdict, the gates may open or remain closed. Brave, curious, and old men are often found here, trying to make their way into the Sardar Mountains but it is known that none has returned from this journey.

The Great Sardar Palisade and Sacred Sardar are open to the public in Second Life and all Gor enthusiasts should visit both locations either to enhance your role-play experience or just for fun. If you interested in joining this Caste, your journey also starts here - within the walls of the Great Sardar Palisade, you will find a group of Initiates that are also guarding the gates of Sardar. The Grand Inquisitor and his followers offer a course and the opportunity for an individual to properly play the Initiate role. The course revolves around the religion, learning archaic religious texts and exciting secrets that only an Initiate will know. The group is also planning a pilgrimage and the Gorean community is invited to participate – all are welcome. Reach out to Terek the Younger (kitten.serpente) for more information on the pilgrimage or how to join the Caste of Initiates.

If you decide to play a brave warrior in search of the Priest Kings, visit the Great Sardar Palisade and request entry to the Sardar Mountains. If the Initiate grants your request, you will have access to the first level of the Nest, located inside the Sacred Sardar

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Game Of Thrones - The Final Season

 We had the posters, the official trailer and finally HBO confirmed the episodes' length for the final season of Game of Thrones. Season 8 will make its debut on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. The first episode will be 54 minutes long but the following episodes will be even longer. Second episode will air for 58 minutes; third episode will extend an hour and 22 minutes; the fourth episode will air for an hour and 18 minutes; fifth episode will be an hour and 20 minutes and the very last episode will also be an hour and 20 minutes.

Fans are anxious to see how the series will fold and Second Life role-players are fleeing to GoT role-play sims to live and embrace the opportunity of playing a character of Martin’s fantasy novels. To celebrate the event, I tried to copycat one of the official GoT posters. The time was perfect when I saw this GoT inspired coat from
PLASTIX at the We <3 Role-play of this month. Did I nailed it? What you think?

While game of Thrones will conclude this spring, HBO has been working on a GoT prequel that will take place ten thousand years before the events of the Game of Thrones series; the Age of Heroes will feature a tumultuous period in time of Westeros’ history. “The Long Night” doesn’t have an official premiere date yet but first shootings are expected to start this year.

Speaking of series, Linden Lab has a new travelogue video series! The travelogue will explore places, events and other experiences created by Second Life residents. The short clips will give the opportunity to promote unique regions that probably most of us are missing out on. Check out the Second Life Destinations YouTube channel and I dare you to step outside your comfort zone. It’s a big world out there!

Linden Lab has also been busy with the preparations of Second Life’s Sweet Sixteen. This year, the celebrations will be held from June 20th through July 8th. Applications for merchants are now available HERE. Applications for other residents that would like to volunteer or perform throughout the event will open soon on Second life’s official blog.

The Good Gorean will slow down quite a bit for the upcoming weeks but I will do my very best to post and update you as much as I can. I have an unexpected trip coming up that will require a lot of my focus but I will return by mid-May. If you need to contact me in-world and I’m offline just drop a notecard or message me directly. During this time, I will be in Euro hours. 

"Mhysa" Hair from Rezology (250L - New Release. Includes Includes Mesh Hair, Alpha Layer, Null Tattoo Hairbase, Lusterlight, Shape Template, Texture HUD with 6 Hair Texture Options +  Rainbow Button That Allows you to Change Hair Color to Any Value of The Color Spectrum)

"Vulcan Coat - Fatpack" from PLASTIX (350L for Single Color Pack or 1260L/1470L for Fatpack - We <3 Role-play Event *March Edition*. Includes Mesh Coat for Maitreya, Chain and Texture HUD with 7 Collar Texture Options, 7 Back Texture Options, 7 Main Texture Options and 5 Metal Texture Options for Chain)

Gloves, Part of "Honor of the Warrior" from Noble Creations (699L. Includes Mesh Skirt, Sleeves, Top, Gloves and Skirt for Maitreya, Slink, Venus and Standard Sizes in 2 Colors. Available in Female and Male Versions)

"Trish Boots - Black/Gold" from Lassitude & Ennui (295L. Includes Rigged Mesh Boots for Maitreya Lara with Copy & Mod Permissions)

Iron Throne from COCKROACH (25L)

Pose from RNP Animations (100L)

Friday, March 15, 2019

GE Maps - V 208.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥ 

Please visit GE Maps Headquarters and subscribe on the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed) 

✔City of Treve - Treve and Minus✔Village of Minus - Treve and Minus✔Mahina Jerag - River Forge✔Tri Moon Panthers - River Forge✔

 ✖Enigma - Oxygen✖Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas✖Port at Rive-de-Bois - Sardar Fair✖

✎The Dark Mercs - Mirkwood Forest (Updated Rules & New Location)✎Sardar Fair - Treve and Minus (Updated Location)✎


Badass Bows - Jarlsberg

BlackForest Outlaws - Starry Sky 

Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire 

Blood Brothers - Anguilla Isle 

Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death 

Eternal - LR Weapons 

Jotnar Marauders - Wolfsland 

The Nameless Bandits - Northern Lights Bay



Blackwater Mercenaries - Crimson Cove

Ghost Mercs - Ghost Stronghold 

Nahkriin - Mirkwood Forest

The Dark Mercs - Mirkwood Forest 

 [TF] Mercenaries - Tarnburg 



Black Wrath Pirates - Village of Gimli 

Calypso Bay Pirates - ALQASSIM

Port Selnus Pirates - Smartie



Forest Merchants - Pisellino 

The Rolling River - Whispering Moons



Aria's Song Isles - Bonaire41

Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills 

Hafen Schendi - Jarlsberg

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest 

Isla de Hulneth - Freya Island (English & Spanish)

Kalana Woods - MAGNETIC II

Loch Couthy - Loch Couthy 

Mirkwood Bay - Mirkwood Bay 

Northern Lights Bay - Northern Lights Bay 

Oasis of Two Scimitars - Two Scimitars Oasis

Oasis Red Rock - Art Deco

Sardar Fair - Treve and Minus

Tarnwald - wood island II (English & German) 

The Village of Gimli - Village of Gimli 

Tiveria Town - Hunters XX

 Torvavik Village - Valkyrie Forest

 Valnor - Valnor Isle 

Village of Minus - Treve and Minus

Village of Whispering Moons - Whispering Moons 


Cities & Port Cities 

Argentum Mines - Silver Mines 

City of Treve - Treve and Minus

City of Varn - CITY OF VARN

Forgotten City of The Imperial Ko-ro-ba - Forgotten 

Magi of Ianda Citadel - Little Bay 

Port Lydius - Applegate 

Shaba - Meteor Garden

Tharna City - Tharna Julinee

  Turian Nights - Amalthea



Arainn Seidr - Mystic Forests

Dorf Axe - Forest of (English & Dutch)

 Les Falaises de Vars - Alexanderia (English & French)

Skerry of Einar - Skerry of Einar

TazBerg Fjord - TazBerg

Walhalla  - Forest of (English & Dutch) 

Pani People

 Hiroyuki Clan - Stardust Shores

Koxinga - Chained Isle



Na'ga Mambas - Tabor Tropics


Panther/Taluna Camps 

Clan de Thalestris - Cobra (English & French)

Ikerei Tribe - Siba 

Ja'Lina Torvis Panthers  - The Ruins 

Ki'Kara Panthers - Wood Island (English & German)

Kuela ja Keihas Panthers - WideWorld Lisboa

Kwani Ahleena Tribe - Meteor Garden 

Mahina Jerag - River Forge

Sa di Sani - Valkyrie Forest 

Sa Ki Fori Panthers - Hrimgar 

Sa Me Arquana - Jarlsberg

Sa Me Pyrana - Siba 

Sa Sheku - The Ruins 

Sa'Jesuil Panthers - Whispering Moons

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers  - Topanga Canyon

Sa'Pasheen Panthers - Mirkwood Forest 

Talender Moon Panthers - Village of Gimli 

Tor Mintari - wood island II (English & German)

Tor tu Ja'Hesa Tribe - Secret Paradise 

Tri Moon Panthers - River Forge

Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest 

Wolf Black Panthers - Siba (English & French) 

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Isla Mariposa


Misc. GE Groups 

EnKara Slave School - fellglanz (English & German)

Gorean Campus - Gorean Campus 


Sacred Sardar - CHOICE ISLAND 


Special Thanks to:
 Aethi Palisades (Creator of the GE Raid Mapper Hud)
Yuroki Uriza (Creator of "List of Gorean Sims" Notecards)
Daimos Baarer (Creator of the GE Maps Server-Client Delivery System)

Charle Macbain (Creator of the mesh version of the GE Maps)
All of those that send me notecards, landmarks and messages that make my job easier :D

Feel free to comment below to this post if you wish me to add a group/sim to the list in the future.
 If your having problems opening the notecard inworld please clear your cache and log back on a empty low lag sim (per example: Breakers Point ) 

If your having problems opening the rules and landmarks embedeed in the list please check the link below:  Embedded Notecards not Functioning  

Please visit GE Maps and subscribe on the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed). 

If you wish to receive a copy of the GE Maps Server-Client System please send a notecard to PewPew Zero.  This system is available to Sim and Group Owners only.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A Dream Of Spring

A Vernal Interview

From you have I been absent in the spring,
When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in everything,
That heavy Saturn laughed and leaped with him. 

As the “Bard” William Shakespeare would say, now that we are entering the spring, and the first flowers are ready to be seen, so do our pixels become more green. More and more lands change their camps to fit their spring time.
I promised you an interview the last time and here it is, from one of the ZCS creators, Slightly Opaque aka Pluto Is A Planet. Because I know Pluto is a busy person, I did not want to bother him with my zillion questions and endless curiosity therefore I asked him only some basic stuff, and he was kind and willing to reply: 

The Sphinx: What made you inspire the creation of the meter?
Pluto: It was originally created as an urban combat system for a sim me and my friend were planning, many sim owners and friends asked if it could be converted into a meter that could be used in Gor and a few months later that we had our first beta. There's some remnants of that urban meter code still in there, but it's mostly been rewritten.

The Sphinx: What is the greatest challenge in maintaining the meter?
Pluto: Keeping a list of current issues and what needs to be fixed is something that's quite challenging.

The Sphinx : What are the main differences with GM Meter?
Pluto: You would have to ask other people, I don't use it and I don't know anyone that does anymore, besides it's not something I can really comment on without being biased.

The Sphinx: How secure is ZCS meter against hacking or game exploiting?
Pluto: It was designed to be secure from the beginning, other than an issue where some players decided to spam their meter to slow it down, there's been no security issues. It's really not that hard to make something secure, unfortunately the major causes of cheating come from problems Second Life has and are far more difficult to solve.

The Sphinx: Are there any future developments to the meter in the pipeline?
Pluto: There's about half a dozen large things in the pipeline, some are mostly done and just require additional polish to come out and some are still in the planning stage.

From all his replies his last one intrigued me the most. I wondered how useful are the features that ZCS brought back for example the economy, so I decided to research a bit more, comparing some meter rules among the top 20 busiest GE sims.

As you can notice from the chart above, seventeen out of twenty sims have the economy enabled.
Players want to steal coins, owners want to have the bank in their sim, and everyone wants to buy free stuff and weapons using the meter coins, provided that there is stuff to buy available of course. The problem is that there are very few products you can buy with ZCS coins. Very few weapons and some role-play items, and even those have emerged only recently.
Other statistics are also interesting. Almost half the sims use aid, while casting, which is a feature in the meter that makes bandaging and binding longer (but more realistic), is used no-where. Of course there are other smaller Gorean full sims and homesteads which use different settings.
At some point I plan to do a more comprehensive comparison regarding sim rules.


As always, in the past weeks we had some movements between the busiest Gorean camps.

Lots of players have “immigrated“ from the Lands of Ghosts to DSO. I really hope that Ghost Stronghold does not become Ghostly again”.

A big tsunami hit and swept some Panther tribes In Elation I heard. Where did those huntresses flee to? A merchant told me that they moved to a secluded island this time called “River Forge”. 

It is not secret that the once proud village of Enigma vanished in the darkness. The villagers took their boats and moved to the well-known grounds of Tazberg. I haven’t heard those Taz words for a long time to be honest. Initially the choice struck me as strange. Tazberg has always been a group which was focusing on the American time-zone, while the residents of Enigma were mostly active during GMT hours. Oh well, every every obstacle is an opportunity they say, don’t they? Perhaps Tazberg will become one of the few places that are busy day and night.

With an aura of Mystery

For the last I have left the best. The new Citadel in Kalana woods is finally ready. I took my swag and decided to take a peek. And oh my, what a peek was that! It seems someone worked really hard this time.

As we reach the docks we face a big Poseidon statue and the outer city walls. The sim is a mixture of Roman-Carthage style, which makes the whole city emit a tone of mystery.

At the highest point of the citadel, is located the central square with an impressive fountain and a statue in the center which is actually one of the most famous statues in the world, the “Winged Victory of Samothrace”, currently located in the Louvre museum.

The city although is a bit overbuilt, looks rather impressive. Houses and role-play areas are placed carefully giving a tone of balance in the whole area. There are many narrow spots all over the citadel which will benefit the swordsmen rather than the archers.
As I entered the tunnels, I found a huge room. I wonder… this looks to me like a fighting room. Hmmmmmmm…

I took as many pictures as I could and I am telling you, the Sphinx is not a great photographer but I really liked the build!
An eerie tunnel…Where does it lead to…?

A view of the citadel from the North side.

And of course a spa! Slaves are forbidden to enter!

Overall I think it is a good build and I had fun exploring it. Of course I do not know how functional it will be in a case of a big raid. There are already 1500 active scripts while the sim was empty, and the residents have not even rezzed their furniture yet...

But let’s not forget, if someone wants to enjoy the Gorean life with style and role-play in a place where the options are abundant then certainly the luxurious city of Kalana is a perfect choice.

Till next time , Adieu!
The Sphinx