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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lands of Fantasyana

This amazing mix of wardrobe and accessories is out of this world – literally. Enfant Terrible has recently released this dress, shawl and robe set for the Gala Fair event, with a variety of beautiful pastel colors. If you love Ms. Terrible's creation as much as I do, you will probably don't want to miss out on the fatpack – a great investment for your time role-playing in any given fantasy world and outside in the jungles of urban life. As versatile and beautiful the “Dohna “ set is, I can't think of a better reason to invest your precious $L on this particular fatpack.

Belle Epoque is having a Birthday Hunt with several worthy-of-your-time prizes and it's not really a hunt. Call it a prize pick up. The several cakes with prizes can be easily spotted across the store; in 5 minutes or less, you will have several clothing, accessories, makeup and jewelry to enjoy without opening your wallet. The jewelry set from On A Lark which I'm featuring in today's post, was by far my favorite pick of this hunt. But wait..there's more! The November round of the We <3 Role-play event has turned out be a great month for accessories and beautiful gowns for the ladies – take advantage of the discounted merchandise at this event until the end of the month.

"Creamy Lips" Lipstick Pack from Migonne (Group Gift - Group Fee: L$1)

"Gemma" Hair from Magika (L$360)

"Dohna - Full Fatpack" from Enfant Terrible (L$2666 for Full Fatpack; L$1888 for Robe Fatpack; L$999 for Shawl Fatpack; L$199 for Shawl Single Color Pack; L$399 for Robe Single Color Pack; Dress Fatpack; and Dress Single Color Pack - The Gala Fair Event. Full Fatpack Includes Dress, Shawl, and Robe with 3 Pose Versions for Maitreya, Perky, Petite and Legacy. Full Fatpack Includes Texture HUD with 10 Dress Texture Options, 10 Metal Texture Options, 9 Robe Texture Options for Inside and Outside, 10 Metal Texture Options for Robe, 11 Texture Options for Mesh Trim, 9 Texture Options for Belt, 10 Texture Options for Lining, 11 Texture Options for Shawl (Outside), 9 Texture Options for Shawl (Inside), 10 Metal Texture Options for Shawl, and 9 Strap Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

 "Need Flowers - White Copper" Antlers from Tentacio (L$199 - Anthem Event. Includes Antlers with Copy & Mod Permissions. Available in Black, Black Gold, White and Whit Copper. Original Ad HERE)

 "Need Flowers - White" Blindfold from Tentacio (L$199 - Anthem Event. Includes Blindfold with Copy & Mod Permissions. Available in Black, Pink and White. Original Ad HERE)

"Elesara Headband" from Clover (L$150- We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Headband and Texture HUD with 12 Gem Texture Options and 6 Metal Texture Options)

"Paper Fan" from WetCat (L$150- We <3 Role-play Event *November Edition*. Includes Static Paper Fan, Animated Paper Fan with Bento Pose and Texture HUD with 18 Texture Options)

"Naima" Necklace and Earrings from On A Lark (Free Hunt Gift - Belle Epoque Birthday Hunt)

Location: Angels Nest

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