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Friday, July 31, 2020

Gorean Reads – The Legend of Torvaldsberg

The new release from Kegel Clothing is making me wish for cooler weather. Summer is great, but I'm starting to miss the cozy Fall and the excitement of the Holiday season approaching as the weeks go by – can anyone relate?
“Torvi” is the newest arrival at Kegel. A gorgeous dress with a comfy fur boa is all we need to travel in style and face the harsh weather conditions of the Gorean north. Torvaldsland, a region of the Gorean map located between the northern forests  and the frozen lakes, has its own special merit and it's often compared to the Vikings' culture on Earth. Legends, tales, myths, mysteries and lost treasures are part of this regions' unique culture which gave Tarl Cabot pause throughout his adventures in the fantasy novels.
The legend of Torvaldsberg is one of my personal favorites. It is said  the founder and first Jarl of the land, the great Torvald, sleeps inside the
Torvaldsberg mountain, waiting to rise until he is needed. The 17000-feet high mountain resembles a spear blade and is covered by ancient runic lettering throughout an extensive network of caves. Weapons and armor can be found inside the central chamber, but the most precious artifact of all is the War Arrow.
Bearing the sign of Torvald, the War Arrow was later used to rally the men of Torvaldsland and the surrounding areas against an army of Kurii. Hrolf of the East was soon one of the men carrying the War Arrow in the war against the Kurii, disclosing to Tarl Cabot that his real name is Torvald. If Hrolf of the East is indeed the great Torvald, he would be at least 1000 years old – much older than the 600-year old stabilization serums. Another Gorean legend tells us that every 1000 years, a great warrior is brought to Counter-Earth and changes the world in ways never imagined.
The discussion continues to this day: Is Hrolf of the East in fact, the great Torvald? Why would the Priest Kings to single this man out? Was he the last great warrior prior to Cabot's arrival in Gor?

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