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Monday, June 29, 2020

News Recap: Linden Lab® CEO Addresses Lag in Combat Role-play; New Set of Last Names Released

Pew Pew?

As a longtime role-player of the GE community, I spend a lot of my “play time” in combat role-play. The majority of the GE role-players and other combat enthusiast of Second Life® know well the frustration of dealing with high latency, lag spikes and crashes. Although it continues to be a problem, Second Life® has seen darker days – over the years, the platform's performance has stabilized substantially and crashing rates are at an all-time low. But, we must realistic; users cannot expect a low-lag, crash-free and super-fast Second Life® experience if you play with an obsolete computer. On Wednesday's “Meet the Lindens” session with LindenLab® VP of Engineering Oz Linden, it was suggested for residents to use an up-to-date Windows 10 and viewer of choice to fully enjoy this virtual world. The occasional crash, that annoying lag spike that hits you right in that moment you are about to win a fight and seeing your avatar and the 20-plus raiders moon-walking across a region will, however, continue to happen. This situation led me to submit a question to the Lindens and unexpectedly, Linden Lab® CEO Ebbe Linden had an answer for me.
So what can be done to improve lag? Will the Cloud Uplift deliver a lower latency? Could Second Life® be part of the Esports community in a near future? (Skip to 1:13:47 mark on video below to hear the answer)

It is expected to see an improvement on latency once the uplift to the cloud is completed, but the problem of lag is in reality, more complex than what we might suspect.
Due to the quantity of unique content and how dynamic our world is, Second Life® cannot be supported by the typical cross-platform game engines such as Unreal or Unity. To experience the cutting-edge photorealism and rendering features these engines have to offer, Second Life® must be completely rebuilt.
It is up to content creators and regions builders to improve and ensure performance. If you are a combat region owner and you often experience high concurrency numbers (aka high number of players), you must avoid creating and using inefficient content. Low-poly count content, LOD systems, rendering, caching systems and texture compression are just a few tricks to keep your region up-to-speed and offer raiders a pleasant ride.

Would it be worth for Second Life® to invest time and money in moving the platform to a gaming engine? Without any data to back up my assumptions, my personal conclusions comes to a well-rounded “it depends.” The gamer in me would love to play in a Second Life® on steroids, but if the majority of residents seek for hang-outs, community hot spots or non-combat role-play regions, why would Linden Lab® undertake such massive upgrade and change their business model? I wouldn't. On the other hand, if we want to attract a younger crowd of users or if we see a trending number of residents investing their time and $L in combat, the Lindens might be forced to upgrade to a gaming platform sooner or later - judging by how much we have lost in our GE community over the years, I highly doubt this is the case. All comes to down to analyzing data and track residents' behavior to justify this reform.

To know more about current and future projects, watch the “Meet the Lindens” sessions on YouTube:

New Set of Last Names Released

The first 10 names to retire have been officially removed from the available listing of last names. The following 10 new names are now available for Premium Members:


In addition, three names are available for purchase in honor of Second Life’s 17th Birthday:


The three additional names are available for a limited time and will retire in the next update.

"Laquisha" from DOUX (New Release - 325L for Basic Pack + 125L for Deluxe Pack)

"Worry Eyes - Blue" from ANATOMY (69L - We <3 Role-play Event *June Edition*. Includes Mesh Eyes and Omega Appliers. Available in Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Pink and Purple. Fatpack Available for 333L)

"Mattie - Fatpack" Gown from Sweet Kajira (900L for Fatpack or 244L for Single Color Pack - We <3 Role-play Event *June Edition*. Includes Gown for Maitreya, Legacy, Perky and Texture HUD with 11 Gown Texture Options. Available in 11 Single Color Packs)

"Crystal Circlet" from Chimaera (187L - We <3 Role-play Event *June Edition*. Includes Circlet and Texture HUD with 2 Metal Texture Options and 6 Crystal Texture Options)

"Grieving Focus" Wearable Accessory from Unstable. (Available at We <3 Role-play Event *June Edition*. Includes Rotating Accessory, Static Accessory and HUD with 9 Metal Options for Cage and 18 Texture Options for Core)

"Spinner" Aura System from Elemental (282L - We <3 Role-play Event *June Edition*. Includes Clockwise Emitter, Counter-Clockwise Emitter, and System HUD with 12 Texture Options for Emitters, Trail Length Options, Spread Size Options, Alpha, Glow and Particle Size Options, Style Options and Tint HUD)

Location: Isle of Pandasia

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