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Monday, May 4, 2020

News Recap: Fantasy Faire 2020, EEP and another Free Mesh Head? Yes, Please

Fantasy Faire is known by its beautiful and whimsical regions, and it only gets better over the years. There are no excuses to skip this event; not only you have the opportunity of immersing in a magical journey, but you can help a cause that means the world to many of us. I was lost in the regions for hours and picked up a few items, which one of them is being featured in today’s post. Before you head out to event, I suggest visiting the shopping guide at and prepare your shopping trip ahead of time; the amount of vendors is mind-boggling. Visit, shop and be part of festivities – Fantasy Fair closes Sunday, May 10, 2020.

Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP) is now available in Second Life's
® default viewer. Users have now the ability of controlling a region or parcel’s environment by customizing their sky and water settings, and day cycles using custom textures uploaded to the viewer. These settings can be created and applied to the region’s environment directly from your inventory. Second Life
® photographers will definitely appreciate this feature – it allows users to override region or parcel settings, offering a personal lighting capability, only visible in their viewer. To read more about this feature visit Second Life Wiki - Environmental Enhancement Project.

It almost feels like every week, there is a free mesh head or body being released to the public. But, we are not mad about it, right? “Freya,” the unisex bento mesh head, is now available at in Catwa main store. To grab a copy of this head, you must join the official group, ^;^CaTwa^;^ or the CaTwa Head Friends group – both are free to join. The package contains full HuDs, shapes and a great BoM Makeup HUD with plenty of blush, brows, eyeliner, lipstick, hair base and freckle options to chose from.

The Gorean community is mourning the loss of a special member. My condolences go to the role-play family and friends of Jupiter Rain. Jupiter was a well-known role-player of the GE community for many years. Loved by many, Jupiter recently passed away, leaving an entire community to cherish his memory. A memorial for Jupiter can be found in-world at Asgard Wrath - the community is invited to visit this location and pay their respects.

 "Serenity II" Skin from Alaskametro (Free Gift at the Free Dove)

"Anaia - Solar Ombre" from Wasabi (250L - Fantasy Faire 2020 Event)

"Female Armor - Targaryen" from Medieval World (250L - New Release. Includes Pants, Top, Shoes, and Gloves for Maitreya and SLink. Available in Stark, Lannister, Tyrell and Targaryen. Original Ad HERE)

"Bastard Sword - Scripted" from EZ Weaponry (300L for Cosmetic Version or 600L for Scripted Version - Man Cave Event. Scripted Sword Includes Cosmetic Version and Scripted Version with Shoulder Stance Animation and Fire Scripts Featuring Mouselook, Autofire, Sensitivity, Sheath & Lock, Custom Channels, Shield Draw Settings, Custom Sounds, Two Ranges, Optional Stance and ZCS, GM, CCS and DCS2 Scripts. Includes Trigger Gestures)

Poses from !Requeeca** (Free)

Second Life® is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

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