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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Green Acres

Blogger and virtual world enthusiast Ryan Schultz, has recently released breaking news on Linden Lab® and Sansar™. According to Schultz at, Linden Lab® laid off over 40 employees, transferred staff from Sansar™ to Second Life®, and rumors claim the Sansar™ development can soon be terminated. The social virtual reality platform developed and owned by Linden Lab®, suffered a number of layoffs in November of 2019 and if recent news are confirmed, Sansar™ operations might cripple in the upcoming months. As the news shakes the community, many of us pause to hear updates, validation on these rumors, or an official statement by Linden Lab®.

The Good Gorean will be taking a short break but as soon blogging activities are resumed by the end of next week, expect a follow-up if further developments are released to the public. As a long-time user of Second Life®, I hope to see this situation addressed soon by the corporate office – in this day and age, transparency is crucial and I believe will be much appreciated by the loyal base of players that daily invest in Second Life®. Although these are terrible news for the staff of Sansar™, this situation might play in favor of Second Life®. If Sansar™ closes doors, all eyes will be on Second Life® and we might see faster upgrades and attract potential players to the platform.

Early this week, I finally had extra time to explore Driftwood’s grounds - I was mesmerized by how magical the set-up is. Driftwood is starting off the year with the “Gamer Series” and this month, “Kingdom Hearts” takes the main stage. If you are not familiar with this event and what “Kingdom Hearts” is, check out my introductory post to Driftwood’s new series and the February round. Visiting this mystical location was the perfect excuse to record another clip. And yes, I know – I’m pretty green when it comes to create machinima in Second Life®. If you have any cool tips, please drop them below in the commentaries section and help out a noob.

The Boulanger dress from Kegel Clothing was one of the first items that caught my attention. You know me – I always gravitate towards fantasy and medieval role-play items and this beautiful dress from Kegel won’t be the last role-play item from Driftwood I will feature in the upcoming weeks. Compatible with Maitreya bodies, the “Boulanger” is available in 4 colors and in a fatpack; you will have a hard time deciding which color because all of them have gorgeous textures. Go with the fatpack and expect to use this dress in years to come, in all types of fantasy and historical role-play. The Moonlight necklace from Bliensen+Maitai and the D’Hara sandals from 1313 add a special touch to the look I was hoping for; between you and me, all the jewelry from Bliensen+Maitai is amazing and free of heavy scripts - combat lovers of Second Life® definitely appreciate this, including myself.

Antaya has also released a pose set HUD, perfect for bloggers and photo enthusiasts. As I kept playing with the HUD, I definitely saw the potential of this tool. If you like to wear accessories and display them through your photography, the HUD will let you select up to 12 hand and arm poses and it is designed to work for both female and male avatars. Now is the time to get this pose set HUD – visit We <3 Role-play event by Saturday, Feb. 29 and purchase it for only 300L.

Happy role-play!

 "Rose" Hair from Magika Hair (340L)

"Boulanger - Green" Dress from Kegel Clothing (250L - Driftwood Event *February Edition*. Includes Mesh Dress for Maitreya. Available in 4 Color Options)

"Moonlight Necklace - Gold" from Bliensen + MaiTai (199L - We <3 Role-play Event *February Edition*. Includes Necklace in Gold and Silver with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"D'Haran Sandals" from 1313 Mockingbird Lane (338L - We <3 Role-play Event *February Edition*. Includes Sandals in Loose and Tight Versions for Legacy and Maitreya, and Texture HUD with 11 Texture Options for 6 Parts of the Sandals)

"Churro Bag", Part of "Food Porn" Collection from Tentacio (Available at The Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Heart Donut, Toffee Milk, Heart Cotton, Blue Milkshake, Super Pizza, Churro Bag, Fashion Ice Cream, or Pretzel Coffee. Rare: Tuti Milkshake. Original Ad HERE)

"Fresh Fruit" Basket from Tentacio (Available at Mainstore, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bicycle 1, Bicycle 2, Bicycle 3, Bicycle 4, Soda, Snorkel, Books, Fresh Fruit. Includes Animations. Rares:  Bicycle with Sidecar in Pink or Black. Includes Animations)

"Unisex Roleplay HUD - Bento Poses for Hands" from ANTAYA (300L - We <3 Role-play Event *February Edition*. Includes 12 Hand and Arm Poses for L & R Hand and Arm)

Location: The Manorhouse

Second Life® and Sansar™ are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.

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