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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Space Force and The Future of DOUX Hair

We all enjoy shopping for hair in Second Life and we just can’t get enough hair – ever. Although there are plenty of hair stores in Second Life, there is only a hand full that are the crème de la crème. One of them is DOUX.

DOUX offers a wide range of hairstyles that are simple, popular, and beautiful. Some of DOUX’s creations are inspired in current pop culture personalities – like this new release featured below, “Ariana”, inspired by Ariana Grande’s famous ponytail. DOUX’s consistency in releasing new merchandise is something that I also appreciate in this brand.

I only had great things to say about DOUX until I visited the store last week to purchase a particular hairstyle. The most recent hairstyles can only be purchased from a system that basically forces the customer to buy a fatpack color hud, and if you want all the styling options with the bells and whistles, you must further invest on the “Deluxe Pack”. I had to drop a whopping total of L$450 to get the product I wanted with a bunch of hair shades I will never wear. Needless to say, I left the store with mixed emotions, wondering if this was a way to entice customers in spending more money. Interestingly enough I wasn't the only one as this concern has also been addressed
by other customers in their official Flickr page.

Long story short, the "Basic Pack" includes 3 fitted mesh head sizes, two breast sizes and texture hud with 70 hair colors, and the "Deluxe Pack" includes a color change hud, a hair bow with 10 color options and a style hud with 4 hair style options. Was it worth the L$450 I’ve spent? No, not really. Does this make DOUX a bad store? Of course it doesn’t. It is very rare for me to express a negative opinion in this blog and the last thing I want to condemn a creator in Second Life for something like this. Ultimately, it’s their store and they sell their products the way they see most fit but that won't keep me from expressing my personal opinion as a customer. Hear me out DOUX: I just wanted to buy your blondes color pack with all the hair styles and not the entire color range that I will never wear.

Truth be told, if you are a fatpack lover, this is one heck of a deal but If you loyal to a particular color pack, like me, you will end up spending more of your precious L$. Common sense and logic tells me that if you are paying for something you don't need it's a waste of your money, further spoiling the shopping experience and my overall opinion of the store.

Regardless of my personal opinion on this topic, DOUX is one of the best quality hair stores in Second Life which I continue to follow and appreciate. I only hope that DOUX discontinues this Basic and Deluxe Pack system.

 Makeup from Moccino Beauté (Group Gift - Group Fee: 100L)

"Ariana - Basic + Deluxe Pack" Hair from Doux (450L)

"Kera" Outfit from The Forge (75L Per Play - The Arcade Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Bodysuit or Boots in 10 Color Options; Rares: Cyborg Arms Featuring Bento Fingers, Bodysuit Fatpack HUD or Boots Fatpack HUD. Original Ad HERE

"Murder Blade - Scripted" from The Forge (599L for Scripted Version and 359L for Cosmetic Versions - New Release. Scripted Version Includes Sword with Firo 1.50 Series, Sheath, Over The Shoulder Stance, Mouselook Lock, Autofire, Sensitivity, Sheath & Lock, Custom Channels, Shield Draw Settings, and Changeable Sounds. Original Ad HERE)

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