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Sunday, January 27, 2019

White Harbor

Happy Sunday! I have been working on a post for the last week and I’m excited to share what all I’ve found on my recent visit to the gorean communities in the OpenSim grid. If you don’t know what OpenSim is, I got you covered. I will be writing all about the grid and the gorean role-play community.  Stay tuned!

The end of the month is here and before February kicks in, I wanted to share a couple of gifts and events before they disappear for good. February will be a promising month with the return of The Secret Affair on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and We <3 Role-play on Monday, Feb. 4. The Secret Affair returns with a roman-inspired round. I can’t wait!

Soiree, a brand new shopping event presented by Collabor88, revealed exceptional quality merchandise - but of course we shouldn’t expect any less from the people that makes Collabor88 a tremendous success. Just like Collabor88, the best of Second Life can be found here. There are no themes or strings attached in this event, giving the opportunity of creators unleashing their inner artistry. (I have been watching too many James Charles makeup videos. Can you tell?) To my surprise, I purchased the “Terri” hairstyle from Monso. I usually don’t do bangs but for some reason, I am rocking this particular hair style. This hair and much more is available at the Soiree event - a must-see!

Designer Showcase is celebrating their 8th anniversary and gifts are exploding. Makeup, nail polish, hair, clothing and other avatar accessories can be found at the event. The majority of creators participating are offering FREE anniversary gifts so don’t forget to visit the event - last day is tomorrow. Happy Anniversary, Designer Showcase!

:.C!L.: Boutique is offering a 1L beautiful gown for the Magical Winter Hunt. There are a few prizes in this hunt that are suitable for role-players: a belly dancer costume from COVETED!; a gown from MadCatCreations; pearls necklace from Grumble; she-devil outfit from Moonlitecat Creations; and the gown I’m featuring below are my favorite picks of the hunt that will run until Thursday, Jan. 31. See it for yourself at the Magical Winter Hunt Prize preview page. Also, my second notecard with January Gifts is out. Grab a copy HERE!

"Terri - Mixed" Hair from Monso (245L - Soiree Event)

"Crystalline Blue Eyes" from Dulce Secrets (Free Gift - Designer Showcase Event)

"Glitter Tips" Nail Polish from Cazimi (Free Gift - Designer Showcase Event)

 "Magical Winter" Gown from :.C!L.: Boutique (1L - Magical Winter Hunt Prize)

Fur, Part of "Nice Gown" from JUMO (Free Gift - Designer Showcase Event)

 Earrings from Ghee (Free Gift - Designer Showcase Event)

Bangles from HAYSURIZA (Free Gift - Designer Showcase Event)

 "Party Poodles" from Jian (75L Per Play - The Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Party Guests Poodles in 4 Colors; Companion Poodles in 4 Colors; Wanderers Poodles in 4 Colors; Held Poodles in 4 Colors; or 4 Party Decor Pieces. Rares: Cake Eater Poodle; Balloon Companion Poodle; or Balloon Wanderer Poodle. Point Prize: Party Goodies Bag. Original Ad HERE)

Location: Pacifique

"White Harbor is the only city in the North. It is one of the major cities of Westeros, located where the White Knife River flows into the Bite. It is the seat of House Manderly, a vassal house holding fealty to House Stark of Winterfell. White Harbor is the main seaport of the North and is one of only five settlements in Westeros large enough to be called a city, though it is the smallest of the five."

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