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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Counter Earth Grid – A Return to OpenSim

It has been roughly 8 years since my last visit to the OpenSim (short for OpenSimulator), and after being approached by one of the administrators of the Counter Earth grid, it was time to return for a visit.

The Osgrid is an independent open-source virtual world with an implemented dynamic hypergrid concept, allowing users to jump from one grid to another. Now you must ask: “Pew, what kind of sorcery is this?” It’s simple. There are hundreds of open simulator-based virtual worlds and the Osgrid is one of them. With a dynamic hypergrid feature, users can teleport from the NetflixandChill Grid to the GameofThrones Grid instead of being limited to Second Life’s single grid - a list of
OpenSimulator grids is available HERE.

City of Turia, Counter Earth Grid @ Osgrid
The grids have unique features and developments, and if you use the Firestorm Viewer, you can easily access an OpenSimulator grid of your choice. A list of compatible viewers can be found HERE.

With all this potential, is no surprise to see several role-play communities in this simulator however, I was amazed by the land growth and improvement since my last visit to the grid. Here you can find the Counter Earth Grid, a massive grid for Gorean role-players, which is currently looking for more people and vendors to become part of the family. Some of the cities in the Counter Earth Grid are stunning and they are as good as any of the Gorean sims in Second Life. Saying that OpenSim is 10 years behind Second Life is a total misconception - users have easy access to the best mesh products. There are, of course, technical pros and cons.

Starting Point to the Counter Earth Grid starts at the Ship of Acquisition Sim where this board is being displayed with the list of cities, villages and Panther camps @ Osgrid

  •     Free Content: Osgrid does not have a working currency system. All content is free and there are hundreds of free shops. Users can purchase items by using a third party vendor like -which is basically the marketplace for all the OpenSimulator grids;
  •     Bigger Sims: Sims are 4 times larger than Second Life sims;
  •     Cheaper Sims: A Counter Earth sim runs $20 per month with 20,000 prims. You can have 10,000 more prims for an additional $10;
  •    The Counter Earth Grid is active: The community is small but there are community events and you can find players in the regions;
  •     The Counter Earth Grid has several Gorean sims that matches the map of Gor, and rules are simple;
  •     Use of Voice is Encouraged: OpenSim users prefer voice to text;
  •     Hypergriding;
  •     Stable Regions;
  •     OpenSim is Occulus Rift compatible;
  •     Great mesh products are available for free;
  •     There are other role-play communities in the grid: Scifi, GoT, Urban, Hogwarts, Medieval, you name it!
 Tor, Counter Earth Grid @ Osgrid

  •     Small Community: Osgrid had little growth over the years - I personally think being part of small community can make the game more enjoyable which might not be the case for many of you;
  •     Hypergriding Can Be Difficult: Players can be surely excited of jumping from grid to grid but you must understand how to get there. Forget about using the search button. Instead, you must use for your searches. Once you find the sim you are looking for, copy the IP address or the grid’s domain and paste it to your viewer’s map. You can also open the landmarks directly from the website if you use Firestorm as your viewer. I would love to see this feature improved to something more user-friendly. I personally think this teleporting system it’s a little messy and hard to understand at first. 

If you are ready for a change, you should consider joining the Counter Earth Grid and give Osgrid a try. If you like crowds of people and raiding with dozens of players, the Osgrid might not be the place for you but if you are the type of person that likes to make friends, be part of a community that welcomes everyone, and enjoys relaxing evenings of role-play, the Counter Earth Grid and Osgrid should be on your play-list.

Check the following links for detailed information on how to join the Osgrid and the Counter Earth Grid

 Skerry Of Einar, Counter Earth Grid @ Osgrid

Skjern @ Osgrid


kindra Turian said...

I want to thank you so kindly for the blog you have done about Counter Earth Grid! We feel that we have brought back a sense of community to Gor and we hope you visit us often. We are so proud of what we have accomplished. Thank you again for such kind words about us.

Havoc Rau said...

THank you for the lovely words however one small misconception here , OSGrid is a grid other then the counter earth grid which is why this review is actually about. each grid is its own second life type world and while, as the article points out, you can transport between grids it is a very different place each time you "jump". Counter earth grid is stand alone and ONLY Gor. however again thank you for the lovely review, we are indeed most welcoming to new comers and have many major gorean cities open for lease .

Havoc Rau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PewPew Zero said...

Hello kindra and Havoc. Thank you so much for your comments and most importantly your clarification! I had to refresh my memory on how the worlds actually worked but obviously I missed an important point. Your comment will clarify future readers and for that, thank you once again.

Unknown said...

I have played Gor for years in SL and have also been involved with Counter Earth. CE is by far grown so well over the years. The content is developing well. The community solid and those that run the grid are extremely committed, you can tell the grid is loved by each and every one of them. They are patient and considerate people. If you enjoyed the old Gor in SL and wish to experience that feeling again break the bonds with SL and join or even just visit Counter Earth. You will not regret it.

kindra Turian said...

Wow!!!!! Thank you so much for this kind comment. Counter Earth is an act of love towards Gor after being in online Gor from IRC, to Paltalk to SL to OSGrid to our own. Those of us that started this want to give something back to our community and make it available financially so that more can participate. Thank you again for your generous words towards us. We have a LOT more to do. Come join us and help us grow together!

Anonymous said...

I think it is a shame to use voice there as if you are lazy and cant type then dont be on a rp sim. I do not use voice and will not as I am there for RP and I expect it in return not to be talked to in voice

kindra Turian said...

I am sorry you feel this way, but Counter Earth Grid is a Gorean GRID not a sim. We are not JUST a role play grid. We have all types of Goreans. Some of us actually have real life relationships and not just role play. During Role play we never use voice. Every sim on our grid has the right to have their own rules about voice however we do have a social hour every night and the Free of our community determine if we use voice or not. kajiraie have not rights in Gor so we would never argue it.