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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

La Pêche Moussue

This particular post is definitely outside of my comfort zone. For the very first time, I found myself snapping pictures of this wonderful building and setup. Vintage Store, a new release and a collaboration between moss&mink and my dear .peaches., is the very first commercial building being featured in The Good Gorean. A beautifully design chic shoppe, the Vintage Store can be yours for 398L at the FaMESHed event of this month. You may also find matching decorations and the building comes with a snow top add-on for the winter months. All the color options have a shabby chic elegance with realistic detailing that will be worth every penny you spend. This store will be perfect for your small business!

Other decorations features several creations available at the
The Secret AffairWe <3 Roleplay and The Arcade event with wonderful free gifts included.

"Vintage Store" Corner Shop and Displays from moss&mink and .peaches. (398L - FaMESHed Event. Includes Corner Shop in Clean, Nordic, and Worn Colors with Snow Addon; Counter in Blue, Navy, Nordic and Clean; Empty and Full Shelves in Blue, Navy, Nordic and Pink. 7 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)

"Winter Light Tree" and "Big Rideable Train", Part of "Choo Choo Train Gacha" from !MOoH! (50L Per Play - The Secret Affair Event *December Edition*, Gacha Machine. Commons: Several Animated Trains and Tracks. Rares: Winter Light Tree or Big Rideable Train)

"Snowy Love - Bench Scene - PG" from TM (675L - The Secret Affair Event *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Bench Scene with 79 PG Couples Animation, 6 PG Animated Scenes, and 96 Single Sits for Female and Male Avatars. 17 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions. Available in PG and Adult Versions)

"Christmas Pickup" from Your Dreams (150L - We <3 Roleplay *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Pickup. 47 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Fairhurst mailbox - Snowy" from Raindale (50L - We <3 Roleplay *December Edition* Promo Gift. Includes 2 Scripted Versions With and Without Mail. 2 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Ice Wall Kit" from LORE (150L - We <3 Roleplay *December Edition*. IncludesIce Cliffs in 2 Versions, Ice Wall, Ice Wall Arch, and Ice Wall Post. 1 - 2 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions) 
 "Santa's Signs - Fatpack" from Petit Chat (360L - The Secret Affair Event *December Edition*. Includes Standing Sign, Snowy Standing Sign, Wall Sign, Snowy Wall Sign and Mirror Versions in 6 Blue, Dark Wood, Green, Grey, Natural and Red. 1-3 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Holiday Trey" from Raindale (Free Gift - The Arcade Event)

"Christmas Waffle Santa" from Sese (Free Gift - The Arcade Event)

"Chocolate Fig Cake" from Merak (Free Gift - The Arcade Event)

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