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Monday, December 17, 2018

Is There Life on Sansar?

It has been 15 months after the release of the Sansar platform. The interactive social experience virtual space drew a lot of attention until it went live on July 31st of 2017. Although there was a lot of talk about the Linden Lab’s next-generation virtual world back in 2017, I now ask, where is Sansar? Did it faded to nothing or is a growing community?

Pfaffenthal 1867, a reconstruction of the historical quarter of central Luxembourg City and a historical sim of Second Life, announced their move to the Sansar platform but it appears this virtual world is on live support. Many agree, including me, that Sansar is a beautiful world but it lacks the right features to entice players to come back for more. On a really good day, Sansar has about 100 online users; role-play is nonexistent; a great percentage of SL users never heard much about it; and you need an above-average computer to play it. Is the little growth Sansar had since 2017 the result of all above and perhaps an unbalanced advertisement?

Sansar was never built to be a replacement of Second Life however it can be a great platform to promote this new virtual world. Only a hand full of SL blogs mentions the existence of Sansar when Second Life has a great community of hundreds of bloggers that could have been hired to promote Linden Lab’s new project. Technology and geek bloggers are always open to received sponsorship from companies like Linden Labs and yet, I wasn’t able to find any good articles about this platform. Bloggers and entrepreneurs are great tools to promote a product at little or no cost, and in this case, I think Sansar should have been holding hands with the right team of bloggers.

I hope to see Sansar grow in the next 2-4 years and try it once again with a bigger and vibrant role-play community but as of now, I will continue to play right here, in my second home.

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