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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Amélie of Orléans

"Rapunzel - Brunette & Blacks" from Voluptas Virtualis (300L - Enchantment Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh Hair in 2 shapes, Hairbases for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega, Tattoo Layer Hairbases and Texture HUD with 12 Hair Texture Options and Texture HUD for Hair Jewelry with 6 Texture Options for Metals and 19 Texture Options for Pearls. Original Ad HERE)

"Dreamy - Ivory" from Enfant Terrible (399L. Includes FitMesh Gown for Maitreya, SLink Hourglass and Physique Mesh Bodies. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Ice, Ivory, Olive, Red, Rose and White. Original Ad HERE)

"The Sabrina Circlet" from Junbug (50L - Past 50L Friday Event)

"Apex - White" Claws from >glYph< (350L - We <3 Roleplay Event *May Edition*. Includes Mesh L & R Claws for Bento Hands. Available in 3 Color Options)

Location: Winter Moon

" Princess Amélie of Orléans was the last Queen consort of Portugal, known to her husband's subjects as "Maria Amélia de Orleães". As the eldest daughter of Prince Philippe, Count of Paris, and his wife, Princess Marie Isabelle d'Orléans, she was a "Princess of Orléans" by birth. On their way to the Palace of Necessidades, the carriage carrying Carlos and his family passed through the Rua do Arsenal (Arsenal Street). While crossing the square and turning to the street, several shots were fired from the crowd by at least two men: Alfredo Costa, Manuel Buiça, between many others. The King died immediately, his heir Prince Dom Luís was mortally wounded, and Infante Dom Manuel was hit in the arm, yet Queen Amélie was surprisingly unharmed after trying to defend her youngest son, the new king Manuel II, with the flower bouquet she kept in her hand."

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