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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


"Hope - Caramel" Skin Pack from Ab.Fab Skins (400L - UAC Medieval Fair Event. Includes Brow Shaper, Avatar Shape, Maitreya, Catwa and Omega Appliers. Available in Caramel, Milk and Peach)

"Hope" Makeup Pack from Ab.Fab Skins (300L - UAC Medieval Fair Event. Includes Catwa and Omega Make Appliers)

"Calla" Nail Polish from Livia (Free - Group Gift)

"Vault of Heaven Eyes - Samhain, Human" from Gauze (Includes L & R Mesh Eyes in Demon, Homan and Hybrid Versions. Available in Animus, Arcane, Mana, Samhain and Terra)

"Devyn - Naturals" Hair from TaketomiWest (490L)

 "Mitsouko - OnyxBlood" Outfit from LuLu (Includes Belt, Corset, Panty, Petal Skirt, Corset Top and Underskirt in Onyx and Blood Versions for Maitreya Bodies. Available in OnyxBlood, OnyxPlum, SnowAzur and Snow Bubblegum)

"Watercolor Fae Wings" from Souzou Eien (250L. Includes Mesh Wings and Texture HUD with 8 Texture Options)

 "Creeper Earrings - Gold" from Ane (Free - Group Gift)

"Valandar Bow - Black" from EZ Weaponry (600L. Includes Mesh Bow with Firo 1.03 Scripts, Quiver, Sheath, Fist Fighter, Novo2 HUD and Trigger Gestures for Gorean Meter and ZCS. Available in Black and Brown. Original Ad HERE)

Poses from Zen Creations (Free - Group Gift)

"A queen thought she was childless because of the ill wishes of the fairy, Fanferluche. One day, Fanferluche appeared to her to say that this was not true, that the queen would have a daughter who would bring her much woe, and that to avert this, Fanferluche would give her a branch of hawthorn to be attached to the child's head. After the birth, the queen had this done, and the princess was instantly turned into a monkey."

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