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Friday, July 3, 2015

Kajira of Ko-Ro-Ba

Hair from Little Bones (Group Gift)

"Body Suit - Black" from The Forge (Available for ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Body Suit in 6 Sizes for Classical and Mesh Bodies. Available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and White. Original Ad HERE)

"Marion Collar - Gold" from The Forge (Available for ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Collar. Available in Black, Black/Gold, Gold, Gold/Black, Silver and Silver/Gold)

 "Studded Cuffs" from The Forge (200L. Includes Regular Arm and Legs Cuffs, Cosmetic Only Cuffs, Neck and Neck and Head Lock Gesture Animation. Mod & Copy. Available in Gold, Black, Bronze and Silver) 

"Kajira Of Ko-Ro-Ba (The Kajirae Series)" Pose Pack from Imaginarium (185L. Includes Pose Pack with 5 Static Poses and 5 Mirror Poses)  

Location: Crestwick Island

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