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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Summer Retreat

"Ash Trees" from Jian (495L. Includes Mesh Tree in Large, Medium and Small Sizes, Set of 3 Trees and Texture HUD with 3 Bark Texture Options, 9 Leaves Texture Options and 4 Season Options)

"Pinnance of the Solstice" from Jian (249L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Display Pinnace and in Vehicle Versions. Includes Recolorable Curtains. 17 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

Cattails from Dysfunctional Designs  (95L. Includes 2 different textures. 1 prim count each at 1.5m tall. Copy/Modify. 100% Original Mesh)

Docks from Dysfunctional Designs, Part of "Leaky Boat Set - Pirate" (145L. Includes
Pathway, Dock Prop, Boat Prop, y Boat Dock - StandDel Version *when clicked by anyone offers to rez them a matching themed boat which lasts 45 minutes then deletes, and will also delete itself whenever no one is sitting on it. Boats only work on LL water, and not in mouselook. Seats 4. *, Boat Dock Version *will not delete itself when users stand, only after 45 minutes*. 1 to 4 L.I., Copy & Mod)

"Beaumont Gazebo" from Jian (Includes Mesh Gazebo with 5 Texture Options and with 5 Couple and 4 Solo Animations. 3 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Darlington Window Planters (Coleus)" from Jian (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Darlington Planters (Coleus Large), Darlington Planters (Coleus Medium) and Darlington Planters (Coleus Small) with 6 Texture Options for Leaves, 9 Texture Options for Planter and Show/Hide Stand Options. 1 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

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