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Friday, August 15, 2014

Warrior In You

 Skin from WoW Skins (Group Gift)

"Sabra Hair" from Tableau Vivant (Includes Mesh Hair in Small, Medium and Implants Sizes. Available in Equinox, Fall, Monsoon, Spring, Summer and Winter)

"Manna Armor - Brown" from Pure Poison (150L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Body Armor in 5 Sizes, R & L Leg Armor, L & R Arm Armor and Head Armor. Available in Brown and Black)

"Kara Leather Bracers - Red Silver" from Noodles (225L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh L & R Bracer and OC Scripted Collar. Available in Grey Gold, Grey Silver, Red Gold and Red Silver)

"Shield Of The Tomoe" Gourd and Cage *Ultra Rare* from Stitched Gods (Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine)

"Odin's Hammer - Gold" from The Forge (500L - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Novo 2.03 Hammer, Sheath with Animations, Sheath with No Animations, Novo2HUD, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Trigger Gestures. Available in Gold, Steel and Black. Fatpack Available for 700L) 
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