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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Hair from Little Bones (Group Gift)

Gypsy Top from Swanky (50L)

"Tortuga Princess" Necklace, Armband, Belt, Bracers, Earrings, Eyepatch, Hand Pieces, Headdress and Rings from Aisling (50L Per Play - Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Leg Warmers, 2 Versions of Bracers, 2 Versions of Armbands, Hand Pieces, Eyepatch, Rings and Earrings. Rares: Necklace, Belt or Headdress with Texture HUD that includes 4 Color Themes and 3 Metal Texture Options. Check Original Ad HERE)

"Loopy Pipe" from Soul (Includes Mesh Pipe and Texture HUD with 15 Stem & Bowl Texture Options, 14 Ring Texture Options, 14 Bit Texture Options and 5 Tobacco Texture Options)

"Elsa Corset - Red" from Aisling (300L. Includes Mesh Corset in 5 Sizes, 3 Alpha Layers and Texture HUD with 13 Texture Options. Available in Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Green and Light Brown)

Capris from ColdLogic (250L)
Boots from Bite&Claw, Part of "Bonny" Outfit (275L. Includes Mesh Pants in 4 Sizes, Mesh Jacket in 4 Sizes, Mesh Belt in 4 Sizes, L and R Boot, Mesh Hat and Alpha Layers) 

Poses from EverGlow (Group Gift) 

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