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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Few weeks ago, i introduced A Master's Eye, a brand new store to the public on a very special way letting the blog's readers know in first hand who is behind the store and all the exceptions. I have to admit i was somewhat nervous but in the end, this format gave some good results advertisement wise. With the purpose to continue this tradition among new store owners and in hopes to reach out to other not so new merchants, i decided to welcome Oordinary to the roleplay community in this same special way!

So, you ask, who is Oordinary?
Oordinary is a brand new roleplay store, offering the most lovely dresses and other type of clothing pieces perfectly fit for a ladies rp needs when it comes to dress properly and matching your character style. Giving the first steps, the Marketplace Oordinary Store already offers a hand full of mesh dresses in several colors and oh my favorite..the Maternity Dress featured on the pictures below. This particular dress is packed with different sizes to match the different stages of a pregnancy. Wonderful!
For this very first post, i had to pick these two dresses but hold your horses because more is coming on the next few days and showing a lot of leg.

Read below the exclusive interview with Oordinary owner to know more about this new project and stay tuned for more news!

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( Hi Talea! I want to start with a thank you for sharing your creations allowing me to blog them. From my part was a real delight and a pleasure to snap pictures of such pretty dresses.
I want to start this interview by asking you to give a small intro of what your store, Oordinary, is all about?

Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): You're more than welcome. And thank you so much for agreeing to do a post about it! I'm totally stoked! Oordinary is basically my little plaything. A place where I can make pretty little dresses for my pretty little pixel doll, and hope that other people like them too and want to wear them for their role play! I've also just started learning Blender, so with a little luck and a lot of patience, I'll be releasing some originals in the future.

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( That is great! I heard learning your way around Blender takes a lot of dedication but eventually it will pays off so i wish you good luck. Now hopping to my next question and a little more in the personal side. How long have you been roleplaying and what kind of Roleplay communities you have been playing on?

Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): Thank you! And wow, what a question! I've been role playing for about sixteen years now. I started out on IRC and HTML as well as forum type role play. I moved to SL in 2008 and haven't looked back since, though i do still dip into forum RP at times. I've played Fantasy, Gorean, Urban, Medieval, Victorian, Steampunk, Futuristic, Vampire... probably a little of everything! I'm currently playing in a Game of Thrones SIM called Blackwater Bay, as a foreign courtesan who's found herself in possession of the biggest brothel in King's Landing. Lots of intrigue and manipulation!

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( Looks like you have a very long "resume" when it comes to roleplay and that is always a good thing! Playing in a Game Of Thrones roleplay region, I am guessing your excited for the next season that will come up very soon? *laughs*
Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): I can't wait! But I've also spoilered myself to death through books and wikis! No surprises in store for me 'til Martin gets of his jacksy and writes the next installment ;)
Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( I have to say i did the same *grins* Back to Oordinary business shall we! So when did you decided to open Oordinary?

 Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): Well I spent a long time learning photoshop in fits and starts. I'm fairly proficient now - though certainly with room for improvement (as there always will be!) - and I was going to start doing profile pictures. I was looking through marketplace for a dress one day and I happened upon a full perm mesh template. I'm relatively impulsive, so I bought it on the spot and logged out to have a fiddle. And what resulted wasn't bad! Since I like using photoshop and I enjoyed the result was good, I decided to keep going, and Oordinary was born. That's one of the questions I have to answer "yes" to before releasing something - would I wear this in world myself?

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( I have to ask this question because i'm super curious. Why did you adopted the name "Oordinary" for your store?

Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): Hah! Truthfully? Because I'm vain - but didn't want to appear too vain! I was struggling for a name so I decided to use my name in it. I went through lots of options, but Oordinary was the one that suited best. It's earthy and not too pretentious - while permitting my vanity! hahaha

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( *laughs* It's a good name in my opinion, it flows well! Ok, let's imagine for a moment that you encounter a brand new roleplayer. What would you tell this person to persuade her to shop at your store?

Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): Sheesh that's a hard one! I'm not great at self-selling. Feels like bragging! But okay. I'd say this is lovingly crafted stuff, I wouldn't put out a single item that I wouldn't wear myself, I do all the texturing myself and take my sweet time over it, and I price fairly. I'm *always* open to hearing constructive criticism, I'll take your ideas and make stuff for you if I possibly can (I'm currently making some new maternity dresses after someone mentioned wanting different ones) and I'll give you good customer service! How does that sound? haha!

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( Sounds wonderful!!! We are heading to the final questions of this small talk so here's another one not so hard! Whats the future plans for Oordinary and where can we find your lovely clothing pieces?

Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): The future holds a lot more role play items, originally textured by me, and hopefully, eventually, some original mesh. Once my inventory grows a little I'm planning to get a store in world. For now I'm selling on Marketplace only, and you can find my store here: and I'm always available via IM or notecard for any queries, feedback or requests.

Pew Fairlock Celtigar ( Once again, i appreciate your time in doing this with me and i wish the best for Oordinary and your roleplay stories in Second Life. Anything else you wish to add or share with us?
Talea 'The Sphinx' Prestaryon (oor.breen): I don't think so! Thanks so much for featuring my store in your blog, I really appreciate it, more than I can say, and i hope people like my stuff! :)

"Sabahi Hair" from Tableau Vivant (300L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Hair in Small, Medium and Implants Sizes. Available in Equinox, Fall, Monsoon, Spring, Summer and Winter. Fatpack available for 1200L) *Edited*

"Jane Hat" from Tentacio (90L - Seraphim Social Event. Includes Mesh Hat with 8 Texture Options and Resize Menu. Available in Beige, Blue, Brown and Green)

"Adrianna Dress - Brown" from Oordinary (200L. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Mesh Sleeves in 5 Sizes, Undershirt, Necklace and Alpha Layers. Available in Brown, Cream, Green, Red, Taupe and Yellow)

"Sabra Hair" from Tableau Vivant (300L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Hair in Small, Medium and Implants Sizes. Available in Equinox, Fall, Monsoon, Spring, Summer and Winter. Fatpack available for 1200L) *Edited*

"Maternity Dress - 5 Stages" from Oordinary (250L. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes for all 5 Stages of Pregnancy, Mesh Sleeves in 5 Sizes, Shirt Layer and Alpha Layers. Available in Red, Teal, Mustard, Grass, Purple, Brown and Yellow)

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