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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Arabian Nights

Most of you know by now that the theme of this The Fantasy Collective's round is
Arabian Nights and this reminds me the short period in my Second Life that i roleplayed in ancient empires sims. I keep very good memories of that time. Some of those same sims, unfortunately closed but others still remains open to the public. One of the oldest ancient empires rp sim that i can recall and it is still currently open: The Spartan Empire that is part of a huge continent of linked regions featuring other type of ancient empires. That are many others that you can find by using the search tab on your viewer but since Arabian Nights is our main theme for this post, get your gear on at The Fantasy Collective and visit Kingdom of Sand. I currently have a few friends roleplaying there and from what they told me, the story lines and combat are fantastic!
If you decide to stick around other type of roleplay, this round also offers a lot of other choices. Great outfits for slaves, dresses for the free, clothing piece for men and a ton of beautiful accessories. Let me show you some of these art works made by the great team of designers participating the event.

"Layla Hijab - Teal" from Luminary (150L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Hijab. Available in Blue, Grey, Red and Teal)

"Jasmine Arabian Nights Set - Cardamom" from The White Armory (250L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Pants in 5 Sizes, Mesh Bolero in 5 Sizes, Bodice and Alpha Layers. Available in Cardamom, Curry, Magnolia, Masala and saffron)

"Jasmine Flats - Fuchsia" from tea.s (250L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh R and L Flats in 2 Versions and Foot Shape. Available in Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Fuchsia, Blue and Black)

"Captive Princess Arm Cuff - Yellow" from Noodles (150L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Armcuff, Mesh L and R Earrings and Mesh Tiara)

"Zeena Hair Dangle" from Sweet Poison (200L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Dangle and Texture HUD with 12 Textures Options for the 2 Set of Gems, 2 Texture Options for Coins, 2 Texture Options for Metals and 2 Texture Options for Links)

"Mecca Hand and Foot Coins" from On A Lark (200L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh L and R Hand Coins, Mesh L and R Foot Coins and Texture HUD with 6 Coins Texture and 3 Chain Textures)

"The Lamp" Poses from Captivity Poses (350L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Set of 4 Poses with Magic Lamp)

"Arabic Complete Set" from 22769 (475L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Sofa with 16 Single Animations and 3 Couple Animations. Mesh Pouf with 11 Sitting Animations. Mesh Rug and Mesh Tea Table)

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