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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

King's Landing: Realms Of Ice and Fire

At this point of blogger life (read it..second life) i tried to stir my fashion of taking pictures around and instead of posing pretty outfits i began to tell "fairy tale stories" through them. Since October of 2011 my goal with this blog was to support roleplay creators and still is but what it i could combine these same great creations with the one purpose they are created for?
Either ways, every single picture i had taken and posted here had inspiration from the roleplay worlds of second life but now i will try to picture what all of us enjoy so much: roleplay.

For this particular post i turned my focus to one of the roleplay sims that truly caught my attention and it got me so interested that i signed up to be one of the members. It was a choice that i don't regret and so far i had the chance to build amazing story lines and met a lot of nice and fun people. I talk of King's Landing: Realms of Ice and Fire. This beautiful region has based it's theme roleplay on A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels from George Raymond Martin
Recently this sim had a new ownership and this will create another book of roleplay that will make history for the city and all of the players. Be part of this wonderful story and visit it, you will love it!
For now..feel free to browse around the pictures below and let me sing you a story...

Hair from Burley (300L)

"Tarna Grana" Dress and Belt from Luas (25L - 25L Tuesday Event.. Last time i checked was still available for 25L so rush!)

Bracelets from On A Lark (350L. Part of "Lilith" Dress.
Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, a feather and a fur collar, a blouse, and bangles for your wrists.)

"Perfumer Necklace" from Distorted Dreams & Templates (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective Event)

"Dragon Pauldrons" from ieQED (225L. Includes 2 Sets of Mesh Pauldrons. Available in Gold, Platinum, Rose and Titanium)

Leg Bow from Stelloane (Free - Marketplace)

"Antler Crown" from The Forge (299L. Includes Mesh Crown with Specilar Light and Tintable Gemstone support. Available in Black, Gold, Silver and Bronze)

"Necromancer Crown" from RO (249L)

Sandals from Skifija (399L)

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