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Friday, January 17, 2014

Apple Sauce

Lot's of things we can look forward too on the next few days. The Fantasy Collective and The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Event will be the next upcoming events and all the store owners are sweating to release their creations out on time. Thanks for your hard work and making such pretty things for us to wear <3. Unfortunately for The Fantasy Collective this will be it's last round and all of us will surely miss it deeply.
Enfant Terrible will have one amazing set of accessories on the gacha machines! Midsommer Dream set is simply gorgeous, super detailed, fun and has a smell of spring to it(hurry up spring!). On this particular Enfant Terrible gacha machine you will have the staff, horns, necklace and headband available so good luck in getting what you want!
For the The Fantasy Collective we have these sexy halter from On A Lark and the chain belt piece from Luminary. Plenty of colors to choose! Feel free to dig the credits below for more detailed info on these items and see the pictures in more detail as you click on them and takes you up to a resolution of 4000x2000.

Skin from Y&Y (Group Gift)

Hair from Magika (250L)

"Midsommer Dream Set" from Enfant Terrible (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 3 Horn Types as Commons, 3 Horn Necklace Types as Commons, 4 Apple Bracelets Types as Commons, 3 Flower Headbands as Rares and 2 Scripted Staffs as Ultra Rares)

"Perdita Chain Belt - Silver" from Luminary (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Available in Silver, Bronze and Gold)

"Bliss" Halter from On A Lark (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Halter in 5 Sizes + 2 Phat Azz Sizes, Texture HUD with 3 Leathers and 4 Metal Options and Alpha Layer. Available in Naturals and Jewels.)

Undershirt from Luck Inc (200L)

Pants from Goreans Secret (250L, Part of "Back to Basics" Outfit)

Boots from Kahli Designs (499L, Part of "Warden Of The Woods" Outfit)

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