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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Morning Star

Good Morning Sunshines. I bring to you more of the 25L Holiday Bazaar featuring [Teri]otrope, PFC and Luas! Included in this post as well is Tentacio's newest necklace available only at Jewelry & Accessory Expo
Don't forget that the Advent 2013 is still going on and some of the hot spots to get a free gift everyday are Alice Project and Emo-Tions. if your a blogger or just a photography enthusiast head to Picture This! Poses to get a free pose everyday till Christmas! yay!

Hair from Tableau Vivant (300L)

"Inferno Fur Shoulders *Common*" from Luas (Coming Soon - 25L Holiday Bazaar *Gacha Machine*) 

"Sparta Collar" from Tentacio (Jewelry & Accessory Expo. Include Mesh Necklace. Available in Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Red)

"Sheba - Creme" from [Teri]otrope (Coming Soon - 25L Holiday Bazaar. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Mesh Leg Warmers in 5 Sizes, Turian Collar, Tangos Applier and Alpha Layers. Available in Creme, Green, Red and Blue)

"The Beauty - Shield" from PFC (Coming Soon - 25L Holiday Bazaar. Includes Mesh Gold Shield, Mesh Silver Shield with both Sheaths and Draws)

Skirt from Castiel (Group Gift)

"On the other hand, the High Castes, specifically the Warriors, Builders, Scribes, Initiates, and Physicians, were told the truth in such matters, perhaps because it was thought they would eventually determine it for themselves, from observations such as the shadow of their planet on one or another of Gor's three small moons during eclipses, the phenomenon of sighting the tops of distant objects first, and the fact that certain stars could not be seen from certain geographical positions; if the planet had been flat, precisely the same set of stars would have been observable from every position on its surface."
Tarnsman of Gor, Pg 41 
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