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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Season of Giving..and Showing it Off

Since 2009, The 25L Tuesday has been part of all goreans and role players of Second Life for the great list of 25L goodies they release every Tuesday but once a year the 25L team has been organizing mega fairs offering much more 25L deals and a lot of gifts! This year, the 25L Holiday Bazaar is the special event that will kick off December 9th and will run till December 14th. You will have about 32 merchants to choose from making your holiday shopping much easier and all in one place! While the sim is being build some of the merchandise has been shared with the bloggers team so here we come to show you some of what you can find there, just like this super sexy set of silks from Luas.

Samantha Silks from Luas (Coming Soon - 25L Holiday Bazaar. Includes Silks, Anklets, Bracelets, Belt, Harness, Scripted Collar, Silks Skirt, Brazilia Appliers, Tango Applier and FatAzz Applier. Available in Black, Blue and Red)

Head Piece & Earrings from Sax Shepherd Designs (Christmas Gift - We <3 Role-Play)

"StoneBath Set" from Aisling (850L. Includes Mesh StoneBath with PG and Adult Versions, Wash Basin, Golden Pot and Texture HUD 75 Animations Total from Bath, Sit, Couple, Sex, Fun and Undress. 2 Different Water Style, Water Tap, Sisal Towel and Sponge Giver Props. 8 Prims Total: 3 L.I. Bath/Bathstand, 2 L.I. Wash Basin and 1 L.I. for Golden Pot. Material Ready)

"She carried, folded, several large, colored, soft towels, with two sponges, and oils, for the bath. On the towels, too, were certain other articles. Among them was, opened, the rounded steel loop she had worn about her neck (strigil), earlier. It, with its key, lay on the top towel. It had been removed from her for she was to assist me in the bath." 
Rogue of Gor
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