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Monday, July 15, 2013

What is Your Caste?

Castes are a fundamental part of gor, it is what makes the gorean society being civilized and establishes the Gorean identity as strongly as homeland. The most feared outlaws in gor sometimes claim to have their own caste and it is a wonderful thing to have to help build your roleplay character according to your skills and interests. I'm sure that many of you know the most popular castes in gor and the correspondent colors but there is much more just then Scribes, Physicians, Warriors or Initiates. If you start counting other not so popular Castes and adding up the Sub-Castes you can count with more then 50 Castes in Gor and every single one of them has a very important influence in the gorean culture. 
I do advise to do some research and reading about this matter because it will turn out to be a very interest discussion.
Most of the gorean Castes and Sub-Castes has a color that identifies the profession of these goreans and you can easily identify a building or someones outfit by spotting the color they are wearing. 

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