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Monday, July 15, 2013

Puppet Show

★ Hair from Magika (125L - 50% Off Sale) ★
★ Top from {le fil casse} (90L - The Perfect Wardrobe Event) ★
★ Pants from Sweet Poison (200L - Part of "Pixie Hunter" Outfit) ★ 
 ★ Boots from miel (525L) ★
★ Armour from from The Forge (850L - Part of "Daerwen Brown/Bronze" Outfit. Includes Full Outfit, Rigged Tunic & Pants, Unrigged Boots, Belt, Bracers and Armour. Mod & Copy. Available in Brown/Bronze and Black/Silver. Boots, Armour and Belt are available to be purchase separately for 350L and 299L.) ★
★ Poses from Physco Bits (80L)

 "I stopped to watch a puppet show. In it a fellow and his free companion bickered and struck one another with clubs.(...)
I returned my attention to the puppet show. Now upon its tiny stage was being enacted the story of an Ubar and the Peasant. Each, wearied by his labors, decides to change place with the other. Naturally this does not prove fruitful for either individual. The Ubar discovers he cannot tax the bosk and the Peasant discovers his grain cannot grow on the stones of the city streets. Each cannot stop being himself, each cannot be the other. In the end, of course, the Ubar returns gratefully to his thrown, and the peasant, to his relief, manages to return to the fields in time for the spring planting. The fields sing, rejoicing, upon his return. Goreans are fond of such stories. Their caste are precious to them." 
Beasts of Gor, Pg 47

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