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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Good Gorean Gone Bad

I have to say i have been super busy playing around Gor. Order of Ironfist became my new baby and i missed the good roleplay you can get have after building story lines and yes, the combat itself is still enticing. Feels good to be back and be a true gorean however a lot of drama comes with this as you all know.

When i started this blog i decided not to do any bad reviews or write negative comments about other players and sims. The more i get out there i see things that truly disappoints me but since this is my blog, i write what the f*ck i want and this is something i wanted to share. Victrix is a GE group i would like to mentioned about. Yesterday i was hold as a captive and started a great role-play with one of the group members and we both was having a blast. Unfortunately for most of the small groups around GE it is quite hard to find bows for rescues specially if sims are set up to always being hit by large groups or good bows..but let's not get into that side because it's boring as hell. Since the rescue party could not even match the fort defenders we decided for them to sail back home and i would continue my wonderful role play time BUT for some f*cked up reason, a Victrix member organized a rescue party without even asking to any of us about this, NEITHER including the true rescuer's in this. My role-play quickly went to hell as i start getting slammed by ooc boxes of random Victrix members and even someone mentioned for me to tp out because we did not had enough bows. Now...tell me...what the hell?

We all know that GE has a big part of OOC (thank you to rescue groups and such) but that situation was beyond ridiculous..conclusion of this: my 2h Role-play was completely ruined by these dumb asses. I brought this example to ask all the goreans to at least make a effort and respect other peoples role-play. There is some people that TRULY enjoy it so AT LEAST respect that!

To all kinds of role-players, paragraph or "shorties", with bad typos or with great grammatical matter what way is yours, this post is dedicated to you!

Hair from ISON (300L - Hair Fair 2013 Sim 3)

"Gypsy Girl" from May's Soul (50L - Gorean Room Event. Includes Camisk and Sheer Camisk, Bracelets and Necklace) 

"Golden Serpent Ja'Far Fountain" from Dysfunctional Designs (50L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 4 Eye Jewel Option, 2 Prims Each, Copy & Mod, Lightly Scripted and 100% Original Mesh) 

"Yellow Flower Garden" from Dysfunctional Designs (Free. 1 Prim each, Copyable, Unscripted & 100% Original Mesh) 

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