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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Taylor by The Sweet Pea

Hurrayy for the Sweet Pea! The store owned by the awesome Miss Cloey is coming with some brand new releases and i am very happy to introduce "Taylor". This super sexy tunic comes with a pair of long boots to make you feel like the respected FW you are and showing not much of your legs but just enough to make men craving for more of you. Available in different colors and super good looking, "Taylor" will be what you need to show yourself off!

Now besides this great new release let me give you a quick update of the fashion events as the tradition says so. The Outlet, sOhO market, House & Garden Designer Warehouse, Genre and The Dressing Room Fusion will give you plenty of choice to where you should burn your Lindens in. Don't forget that The Food Fair and The Shoe Fair are open!

   Skin from Joli (Group Gift)

Hair from !Lamb (Group Gift) 

"Taylor" from The Sweet Pea (300L. Includes Tunic in 5 Sizes and Boots. Available in Red, Purple, Green, Black, Blue and Brown)


The Blogging Elf said...

That is the reason why I have lost interest in GE for the most part. The whole OOC part already is ridiculous, but when your role-play is spoile din 80% of the cases by overly eager rescue parties and whiteknights who do not have the slightest grasp on basic rules of role-play, then it's just absurd :/

PewPew Zero said...

Exactly! GEr's needs to learn how to keep a roleplay story going on and not just kill it with a much people want to say negative things about BtB roleplay like they are noobs and only type 1 line, truth is they know how to build up a story. My hopes is one day GE will have that on a daily basis, would make things much more fun together with all the raiding.

Oh wait..these comments should be on the post below ahahhahah