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Friday, July 5, 2013

List of GE Sims - V 65.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥◣
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✔Port Jula - Bloodstone✔Inviolatus Normandus - Trondheim✔Inviolatus Pigmeas - Trondheim✔Diablo Outlaws - Tathassa✔Dark Shadows - Shangri-La (English & German)✔Panthers Prey Moon - MaMlKtNa Starlas (English, French & Russian)✔Marauders of Gimli - Village of Gimli✔Sa'Alphris Panthers - Volcano Island✔Hamar Vikings - Orange Nassau✔Chains of Pain Outlaws - Pangea Island (English & German)✔Village's Rencer - Blue Moonlight (English & Portuguese)✔Ruins Of Valoria - Tranquility Bay✔Dark Storm Marauders - Provinz✔
BloodFire Outlaws - Phenix Isle✖FCKit Outlaws - Trondheim✖Rogue Raiders - Tathassa✖Var Mercs - Norwood✖Black Ice Pirates - Robert Island✖Isola d'anango - NarKotiK (English & French)✖Soulless Pirates - Los Pengos✖Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills✖Khurtzal Village - Robert Island✖Lar-Gor - Lar-Gor (English & French)✖Loch Couthy - Loch Couthy✖Scribe's Courtyard - Silent Running✖Talbot Isle - Talbot Isle✖Village of Var - Norwood✖Port Seaton - Seaton (English & French)✖Valkoinen Vikings - Trondheim✖Caer LaBraid Merchant Outpost - Tradewinds✖Kvasir Bandits - Path of Destiny✖Daeva Bouge - Daeva Bouge✖Luna Tau'ri Panthers - Bloodstone✖Mojaves Panthers - Lar-Gor (English & French)✖Sa'era Panthers - Bloodstone✖Tribal - Tribal Land✖Tri'shena Viktel Panthers - DaeVa Draught✖Boatsmen of Boatgaard - City of Dust✖Hrimjar Excavators - ASAGARD✖Malice Marauders - Pierson✖

✎Checkmate Outlaws - Voltai Mountains (Updated Rules)✎Free Souls Outlaws - Free Souls Outlaws (Updated Rules)✎Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold  (Updated Rules)✎Iron Forge Outlaws - AKUMAL MEX (Updated Rules)✎Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA (Updated Rules)✎Laurius River Outlaws - New Providence (Updated Rules)✎Myrmidon Thieves - City of Dust (Updated Rules)✎Order of Ironfist - Silent Running (Updated Rules)✎Semris Outlaws - Dojo Tristan (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Sharjia Marauders & Thieves - Sharjia (English & German) (Updated Group Name)✎Sun-Striker Herlit Outlaws - GTS DESIGN (Updated Rules)✎Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas (Updated Rules)✎Victrix Mortalis - Peregrine Cliffs (Updated Rules)✎Ar's Station Mercs - BAZI (Updated Rules)✎Belnend Ibalo Mercs - Ivalo (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Blood Red Mercs - The Snake Den (Updated Rules)✎Elysion Mercenaries - Sirens Call (Updated Rules)✎Imperii Regalis - Apocalypse (Updated Rules)✎Skull Crusher Mercs - Soul Explosion (Updated Rules)✎Tarnfighters Mercs - Tarnburg (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Black Shark Pirates - Shangri-La (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Inglorious Pirates - Pirates Bay (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE (Updated Rules)✎The Brethren Pirates - 0 0 Absolute  (Updated Rules)✎Lydius - Taj Mahal (English & French) (Updated Rules)✎Ven Village - Mystic Fire (Updated Rules)✎Village of Shaba - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Njordr Ravagers - Turia (Updated Rules)✎Nordmadr Orn - Nordmadr Orn (Updated Rules)✎Laurius Tradepost - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Mystic Fire Traders Camp - Mystic Fire (Updated Rules)✎Hatari HauHau Mambas - Tranquility Harbor (Updated Rules)✎The Others Kurii Tribe - GTS DESIGN (Updated Rules)✎Pa Ri Tor - DaeVa Draught (Updated Rules)✎Sa'Dina Panthers - Mystic Fire (Updated Rules)✎Sa`ng-Gretuk Panthers - The Snake Den (Updated Rules)✎Sa'ng Sar talunas - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Tajuks Nomad's - Mystic Hills (English & French) (Updated Rules)✎Casmu Red Savages - M in Events (Updated Rules)✎Twa Pygmy Tribe - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Sha'kar Arani Pygmies - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Harbour Tentium - Pirates Bay (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎

3 Fates of Anarchy - Three Fates
Ashkali Thieves - Three Moons Valley 

Azah Outlaws - Sea Whispers Island

 Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire II 

Black Wraith - Bloodstone

 Chains of Pain Outlaws - Pangea Island (English & German)

Checkmate Outlaws - Voltai Mountains 

Dark Shadows - Shangri-La (English & German)

Dark Storm Marauders - Provinz Rorus
  Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death 

Diablo Outlaws - Tathassa
Free Souls Outlaws - Free Souls Outlaws 
Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold 

Hunjer Marauders - Behringa

 Iron Forge Outlaws - AKUMAL MEX   
Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA
 Kalana Woods Outlaws - Kalana Woods 

Laurius River Outlaws - New Providence

 Marauders of Gimli - Village of Gimli

Malicious Berzerkers - Olympus Lightning 

Myrmidon Thieves - City of Dust

 Mystic Dawn Marauders - Fort Myers Island 
Order of Ironfist - Silent Running 

Runestone Berserkers - Sanguis Eros Island
Semris Outlaws - Dojo Tristan (English & German)

Sharjia Marauders & Thieves - Sharjia (English & German)
Silver Stone Outlaws - Tipani

 Sparta Raiders - Midgaard

Sun-Striker Herlit Outlaws - GTS DESIGN
 Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas  

Vetinari Outlaws - SHARKS COVE

 Victrix Mortalis - Peregrine Cliffs
WTF Marauder - Sins of Passion


 Ar's Station Mercs - BAZI
Askari Mercenaries - Terra de Luna

Bastards of Odin Mercs - The Citadel

Belnend Ibalo Mercs - Ivalo (English & German)
 Black Pearls Mercs - Terra de Luna

Blood Rebel Mercs - 0 0 Acacia

 Blood Red Mercs - The Snake Den
 Borderlands Mercenaries - Fulcrum 

Elysion Mercenaries - Sirens Call 

Imperii Regalis - Apocalypse 

Inviolatus Normandus - Trondheim

Skull Crusher Mercs - Soul Explosion
 Longshadow Mercs - Dalsgaard

 Tarnfighters Mercs - Tarnburg (English & German)

Redemption Mercs - Nerja Isle

Rising Sun Mercs - Three Moons Valley
White Larl Merc's - OdinsMark

Black Shark Pirates - Shangri-La (English & German)
Inglorious Pirates  - Pirates Bay (English & German) 

Lost Soul Pirates - MaMlKtNa Starlas (English & French)

Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE

The Brethren Pirates - 0 0 Absolute


Acacia Village - 0 0 Acacia 

Asperiche Island - Asperiche Island 

Asperiche Meadows - Asperiche Meadows

 Atria Village - Serena Baia

Bloodstone Village - Bloodstone

 Fjordholme - Fjordholme 

Hibari - Hibari

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest

Isle of Brands - Isle of Brands
Kalana Woods Village - Kalana Woods 

Lydius - Taj Mahal (English & French)

 Mead Drinking Maniacs - Path of Destiny 
Moonglade - Moonglade
 Oasis of Two Scimitars - Scimitar Plains
Ruins Of Valoria - Tranquility Bay
Sinners Cove - Isle of Sin

 Sword Death Village - Sword Death Village

 The Village of Gimli - Village of Gimli 
Tir Na Nog - Demented Love

Twin Falls - Applegate

 Vanaheimr Village - LR Weapons

Valnor - Valnor Isle
Ven Village - Mystic Fire
 Vidrew Paths - Three Winds South

 Village of Einar - Primus Weapons

Village of Gardar - Desolate 

Village's Rencer - Blue Moonlight (English & Portuguese)
Village of Sardar - Sardar 

Village of Sarona  - Bnt-ALMamlkah

 Village of Shaba - North Azuria

 Sjofn Village - Tharna Julinee
Yorokobi - Yorokobi
  Cities & Port Cities 

Port Jula - Bloodstone
City of Melioria - Melioria 
City of the Two Scimitars - Isle of Scimitar
 City of Samnium - Sardar

Port of Cyprian - Port Cyprian  

Port of Etenia - Port of Etenia 

Port City of Praven - Acerbus Silva 

Tharna City - Tharna



 Avaricious Covenant - Avari Cove
 Feuerbringer - Lido (English & German) 
Folkvangar - Nymphs (English & German) 

Hamar Vikings - Orange Nassau

Njordr Ravagers - Turia
Nordmadr Orn - Nordmadr Orn
 Se'Vardi Vikings - Infernia

Thorsteinn - AuBoutdesMers 

Vigrid - Stone Cold (English & German)

Volsungr Vikings - Dark Passion

Ashkali Trade Post - Ashkali
Dorf Hjem - Greenland (English & German)

Korat Trading Post - Bound Pixie
Laurius Tradepost - North Azuria
Mystic Fire Traders Camp - Mystic Fire 

Tarnburg Outpost - Abydos 



 Bad Larmas Mambas - Sisters

 Hatari HauHau Mambas - Tranquility Harbor 

Sa Fora Ost Mambas - Lovers of Gor



The Others Kurii Tribe - GTS DESIGN


Panther/Taluna Camps

 Benywaidd Llwyth Panthers - Volcano Island
Black Panthers - Siba 

Bloodmoon - Bloodmoon 

Dijan Panthers - Black Bow Island
Forest Moon Panthers - Whispering Moons
Ikerei Tribe - Siba
Keh'ra Jerag Panthers - Abydos 

Haunted Sisters - Sisters 

Luna Pardus - Sardar 

Mladi Vukovi Panthers - Bloodstone

 Pa Ri Tor - DaeVa Draught

Panthers Prey Moon - MaMlKtNa Starlas (English, French & Russian)
Sa Me Arquana Panthers - Nymphs (English & German)  

Sa di Sani - Village of Gimli

Sa Ki Fori Panthers - Hrimgar 

Sa 'Anu Panthers - Black Bow Island 

Sa'Alphris Panthers - Volcano Island
Sa'Dina Panthers - Mystic Fire

Sa'Verus Panthers - Primus Weapons 

Sa'tlv-da-tsi Tribe - Mystic Fire

 Sa Sa'ng-Fori Huntresses - Taj Mahal (English & French)
Sa`ng-Gretuk Panthers - The Snake Den
 Sa'ng Sar Talunas - North Azuria
Sa'jesuil Panthers -Valkyrie Forest

Sa'ng Lina Panthers - Rarius Highland

Sa Jerag Talunas - Lovers of Gor

Sa Nahele Panthers -  Sardar

 Sa Vella Panthers - Sisters 

Se Tor Isem Panthers - Applegate
Seireitei Panthers - Lake Ias

 Suma Sestre Panthers - Tharna
 Tasta Talunas - TASTA (English & Russian)
Tor Torvis Veck Panthers - Ivalo (English & German)

 Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest

Wanika Tribe - Three Moons Valley 

Wa Ngao Talunas - Jungles of Gor 

Wa Ngao Jungles - Cote d Ivoire
Whispers Den - Venatores Saltus

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Whispering Moons
  Wagon People/Nomad's

 Kuman Kataii  - Emirates
Tajuks Nomad's - Mystic Hills  (English & French)


Inviolatus Pigmeas - Trondheim 

La'Jengi Pygmies - Lake Ias 

Twa Pygmy Tribe - North Azuria 

Sha'kar Arani Pygmies - North Azuria

Red Savages

Casmu Red Savages - M in Events
  Misc. GE Groups

 EnKara Slave School - fellglanz (English & German) 

Harbour Tentium - Pirates Bay (English & German)

 Lorem Ipsum Academy - Adult Hub GOR
     Open Arena Sims

 Gorean Crossroads - Hollywood Park  

GTS Sparring Ground - GTS DESIGN

LR Weapons - LR Weapons 


Many Thanks to:
Aethi Palisades (Creator of the GE Raid Mapper Hud)
Yuroki Uriza (Creator of "List of Gorean Sims" Notecards)
Daimos Baarer (Creator of the GE Maps Server-Client Delivery System)
All of those that send me notecards, landmarks and messages that make my job easier :D
Feel free to comment below to this post if you wish me to add a group/sim to the list in the future.
If your having problems opening the notecard inworld please clear your cache and log back on a empty low lag sim (per example: Breakers Point )
If your having problems opening the rules and landmarks embedeed in the list please check the link below:
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