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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gorean Sun

★ Hair from Epoque (299L) ★
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Necklace from Pure Poison (Group Gift)
★ "My Sun and Stars" Dress from The Lounge (360L, 20% Off Regular Price - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 4 Sizes + 4 Sizes with Heels, Belt and Earrings.) ★

"It was now the month of the vernal equinox on Gor, called En'Kara, or The First Kara. The full expression is En'Kara-Lar-Torvis, which means, rather literally, The First Turning of the Central Fire. Lar-Torvis is a Gorean expression for the sun. More commonly, though never in the context of time, the sun is referred to as Tor-tu-Gor, or Light Upon the Home Stone. The month of the autumnal equinox is called fully Se'Kara-Lar-Torvis, but usually simply Se'Kara, The Second Kara, or The Second Turning."
Outlaw of Gor, Pg 178
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