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Monday, June 3, 2013

You shall eat your vegetables!

I have to say that i have a blast with Baea taking these pictures..BUT Second Life was a pain in the ass last night for us. Things wouldn't rezz and god knows what more. We overcome the technical issues and took these two pictures of items that will be up for the We <3 Role-Play event that will open tomorrow! Spotlight goes to the shell armor from Innocuous, awesome poses from Musa and the very feminine necklace from Bite&Claw. Check out the credits!

★ Skin from flounce (Group Gift) ★
★ "Capella Corset" from Innocuous (265L) ★
 ★ "Arica Pants" from Innocuous (270L) ★
 ★ "Shell Outer Armor" from Innocuous (*40% Off* 240L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Gauntlets, Since & Double Armbands and Rigged and Non Rigged Shoulders. Available in Brown and Black, Female or Male.) ★
 ★ Necklace from Bite&Claw (*50% Off 99L - We <3 Role-Play Event.) ★
★ "Thief Mask" from The Sweet Pea (150L - Includes 3 Sizes. Available in White, Black, Black with Logo and Brown) ★
★ "Thief" Boots" from The Sweet Pea (150L - Includes 2 Sizes. Available in White, Brown or Black with a ton of strap color options!) ★
★ Poses from Musa (*30% Off * We <3 Role-Play Event. Available Bow Pose Set *Includes 2 Poses and Bow*, Sword Pose Set *Includes 3 Poses and Sword* and Fantasy Pose Set *Includes 10 Poses* ) ★

Visit Bossy-B-Blog to find out what Baea is wearing!

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