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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tia's Gifts for Hunters

I hope you all had a great weekend. I went outdoors and tried to do something i shouldn't had..i built a camp fire and made smores..bad idea, the mosquitoes ate me to death. Wait for the fall to do it...unless you craving smores like me and you couldn't wait.

Let's jump to what's going on in Second Life, shall we? le fil casse is hosting a Headband Sale! All headbands are marked for 75L..cute stuff, you should visit it. Structure Your Skin, Fashion Uprise, Couturier's Docks, Summer Sale Cart, WA Kyouto, Designer Showcase, The Box and The Arcade Gatcha are just a few of the events that recently started. If you visit Seraphim Blog you will be able to keep yourself updated and you can peak at all the event coverage they do helping to pick your items before facing laggy grounds.

Tonight I'm featuring the hunt items you can find at [Tia]'s new store. VERY easy to find, just get the hint and do exactly what it says. All the gifts are super duper cute and always 100% mesh with custom baked textures. Check them out, it will worth your time!

★ "Hanging Customizable Tapestry" from [Tia] (Free - Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX. Drag and drop your own picture into the panel on the back and watch your picture turning into a tapestry. 3 prim EQ.) ★
★ "Cottage Fireplace from [Tia] (500L. Includes detachable chimney stack and customizable photo frame of your loved ones. Simply drop your own on the image to change it. Animated mesh flame and touch to on/off for fire sound. Comes in 2 sizes. 7 Prim for large. 4 prim for small.) ★
★ "Sea Glass & Shell Wind Chime" from [Tia] (Free - enMeshed Into Summer Hunt. With Touch On/Off for slow rotation, pretty soft wind chime sounds. 3 prim EQ when grouped.) ★
★ "Summer Rocking Chair" from [Tia] (Free - Cookie Jar's Home & Garden Anniversary Hunt. ) ★
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