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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kaiila Whisperer

Let's get this week started in a good mood, shall we?

For the fans of big boobs, Going Bust and Bewbapazzola are open once again with great deals however this time i really couldn't find anything gorean like BUT great clothing with appliers for your earth nights! Collarbor 88 and SL Fashion Week are some of the other options to shop around for discounts. I actually found a awesome dress at SL Fashion Week and hopefully i'll have the chance to blog it soon. Don't forget that Belleza Skins has a new round of discounted skins for this month.
Waka and Yuki are hosting a closing sale and guess what? All the items are not 50% or 70% or not even 90% off..they are absolutely FREE! You can grab a bunch of hair packs for 0L!

The Hair Fair is coming very very soon and it already caught the attention of bloggers around the grid. As the first preps begin, a Photo Contest for the Fair is open to everybody that wishes to snap some pictures of hair based in the "Movies Inspire Me" theme. The winners will have a special VIP pass to access the Fair before it's even open. You can have the opportunity to take the first pictures of fine hair exclusives and share information in your blog..or just for the fun of it and with LOW LAG! To read about the rules and everything else click HERE.

Couple of days ago a friend of mine and author of The Daily Bubble imed me about this mesh horse. At first i really didn't payed much attention to it but when i saw the you tube video and her post (btw, you can check the post HERE) i was like "holy sh*t that is awesome". The next day, Miss Ash offered me a gift card to get one of these horses and i must tell you that no picture or neither the you tube video will make justice to what this really is. I was stunned by all the detailed and smooth movements and how realistic it looked like..this is one art piece that you look at it and say "damn, how great are the things people create in second life!"  You will need to wear a shape but its completely modify so you can put your cute face back and of course, the horse has a very complete menu with Walk ,Walk Backwards,Trot, Canter, Gallop, Jump, Swim, Dance, Rear, Cycling stands. You can pick from 4 different colors so you seriously have to see this for yourself @ KOT Mainstore. Grab a demo and i am sure you will simply love it.

May's Soul has been a very busy bee as well. Recently she started a cool event called "1L for 1 Hour". The name pretty much says everything..there will be 1 item or several items hand picked and sold for only 1L during the hour that the note is sent. You need to subscribe to May's Soul Subscribe-O-Magic and wait till more deals like this comes to you. The Gorean Room has a new round too and tonight i'm featuring May's Soul "Summer Girl" outfit with a super price of 70L.


★ Mesh Horse from KOT (3000L - Includes Mesh Horse *No Mod, No Trans, Copy*,
Coat applied to Horse, Boots and Shape *Mod, Copy, No Trans*. Available in 4 Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Light Brown.)

★ Outfit from May's Soul (70L - The Gorean Room Event. Includes Top, Skirt, R Legwarmer and R Legwarmer in 5 Sizes from XXS to L. Hand warmers in 3 Sizes, Belt, Headband and Alpha Layers.)

"The mount of the Wagon Peoples, unknown in the northern hemisphere of Gor, is the terrifying but beautiful kaiila. The kaiila is a silken, carnivorous, lofty creature, graceful long-necked and smooth gaited. It is a viperous and undoubtedly mammalian, though there is no suckling of the young. The young are born vicious and by instinct, as soon as they can struggle to their feet, they hunt, it is an instinct of the mother, sensing the birth, to deliver the young animal in the vicinity of game. With the domesticated kaiila, a bound verr or a prisoner might be cast to the newborn animal. The kaiila, once it eats its fill, does not touch food for several days.
The kaiila is extremely agile, and can easily outmaneuver the slower, more ponderous high tharlarion. It requires less food, of course, than the tarn. A kaiila, which normally stands about twenty to twenty-two hands at the shoulder can cover as much as six hundred pasangs in a single day's riding.
The head of a kaiila bears two large eyes, one on each side, but these eyes are triply lidded, probably an adaptation to the environment which occasionally is wracked by serve storms of wind and dust; the adaptation, actually a transparent third lid permits the animal to move as it wishes under conditions that force other prairie animals to back into the wind or, like the sleen, to burrow into the ground. The kaiila is most dangerous under such conditions, and, as if it knew this, often uses such times for its hunt."
Nomads of Gor pg. 13

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