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Monday, June 10, 2013

Beauty Corner

Every time i turn around and i land on a sim and occasionally i cam around inside peoples houses to see the furniture and set up for inspiration. Recently i realized how much aisling became a strong presence in gorean sims and i am so happy to see goreans supporting original mesh creators like aisling is! aisling continues to create for us and they are once again a guest at the We <3 Role-Play event of this month offering 25% off in the items i am about to show you. the "Lady Sciarri" set has a HUD with a ton of texture options from the wood to the rim of the pillows plus several couple, single or duo animations. Check out the credits below for more detailed info on all these aisling new items!

★ "The FantaYstic Four Set" from aisling (*25% Off Original Price* 260L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 4 Different Items. Books & Candle Holders, Jewelbox and Table.) ★
★ "Fake Bear Rug" from aisling (250L for Fatpack or 75L Each. Available in Black, Blonde, Bonus, Brown, Ginger, Grey & White Bear Rug. With or Without Coll.) ★
★ "Lady Sciarri Set" from aisling (*25% Off Original Price* 560L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Lady Sciarri and Lady Sciarri PG Version. 2 Texture Huds and more then 50 poses from adult to PG in Single, Duo or Couple Menu. Black, Gold, Silver or White Lamp.) ★
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