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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Delicious Does It Better

The week is almost over with but not the party time here in Second Life!
Whore Couture, Perfect Wardrobe, Acid Lilly Gallery, Stuff in Stock, Designer Circle, SOHO Market, Dressing Room Fusion and a brand new event brought to you by Depraved Nation called The Thrift Shop are the fashion events open this week. From clothes to skin and hair, you can find a little bit of everything that can be used in your role-play character.

Delicious released recently a bunch of new outfits for all kinds of roles: panthers, free woman, slaves you name it... As i mentioned before in by previous posts about Delicious, the beauty of this store comes to the fact that when you buy 1 outfit it's not just 1 outfit. You have at least 2 or 3 options on how you want to wear it and the jewelry is just amazing. I personally fell in love for the leg jewelry showed in the picture 2 on the "Myriam" outfit! Its something you don't see everyday and it's damn sexy. Scroll down for the credits below and you will know what every package will include!
On the next few days i will be showing some more new outfits and dresses from Delicious so stay tuned! 

★ Hair from W&Y (Free) ★
★ *Picture 1* "Tabby" Outfit from Delicious (250L. Includes Mesh Peek-a-Boo, Camisk in 5 Sizes, 2 Pieces of Camisk, Rope Tied Sack Camisk, Coin Box for Thigh, Necklace and 5 animated trays with different drinks: Paga, Red Kalana, White Kalana, Ale and Mead. Available in Red, Cream, Blue and Purple.) ★
★ *Picture 2* "Myriam" Outfit from Delicious (250L. Includes Mesh Top, Sculpted Top, Regular Top, Long Silks Skirt, Short Silks Skirt, Caisk, Hip Sash, Bracelets and Leg Jewels. Available in Red, Mauve, Green and Blue.) ★

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