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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Black Poison

Today i decided to mix two great creators together: Sweet Poison and Black Pearls! Few days ago i announced that Black Pearls joined the sponsors list here at The Good Gorean and in that post i shared all the discounted items you can get at the We <3 Role-Play Event. The second round of this event is still open till the end of the month so check out the previous post HERE for pictures and landmarks.

Yesterday, Sweet Poison set up for the 25L Tuesday a sweet outfit and a cute vase for only 25L..i know, today is Wednesday BUT don't cry. The outfit and the vase are still 25L each so you better hurry up while it lasts.

So with this said, in this post I'm featuring some new releases from Black Pearls furniture and the items from Sweet Poison! Please take a moment to read all the information and you will be amazed how complete all the furniture is making it worth every single penny you will spend!

★ "Relaxing Corner" from Black Pearls
(999L. Includes Menu Drive Mesh Relaxing Corner with 8 Male Poses, 8 Female Poses, 24 Couple Poses, 8 Relax Poses, 9 Foreplay poses, 9 Serving Poses and 6 Cushions Poses. Extras: Book, Plate and Horn to wear and offer.) ★

★ "Celtic Bed" from Black Pearls
(1200L. Includes Menu Drive Mesh Bed with 12 Male Poses, 13 Female Poses, 9 Slave Animations, 24 Couple Poses, and 9 Intimate Poses. Extras: Slave Post, Cuffs, Book, Plate and Bowls.) ★

★ "Warrior's Throne" from Black Pearls
(1200L. Includes Menu Driven with Several Poses *Throne, Lapserve, Foreplay and Single* with direct sits *No Poseballs*. The props are: Slave Post with Animations and Slave cushion with animations. Extras: Slave Post with 4 Anims, Slave Cushion with 6 Anims, Book, Plate, Cuffs. Throne has 8 prims, Post has 5 prims and cushion has 1 prim.) ★

★ "Enyo" Outfit from Sweet Poison
(25L - 25L Tuesday *Still Available*. Includes Top and Bottom, Collar, Blindfold, Leggings and Belt with Sizes from XS to XL. Available in Brown, Cream, Green, Red and Black.) ★
★ Simple Stick Vase from Sweet Poison
(25L - 25L Tuesday *Still Available*. Includes Floor and Table Version. Available in Red, Green, Brown, Blue and Black.) ★

"These are exotics,' said Ho-Tu.
   That expression is used for any unusual variety of slave. Exotics are generally quite rare.
   'In what way?' I asked. I myself had never cared much for exotics, any more than I cared much for some of the species of dogs and goldfish which some breeders of Earth regarded as such triumphs. Exotics are normally bred for some deformity which is thought to be appealing. On the other hand, sometimes the matter is much more subtle and sinister. For example it is possible to breed a girl whose saliva will be poisonous; such a woman, placed in the Pleasure Gardens of an enemy, can be more dangerous than the knife of an Assassin."
Assassin of Gor, pg 107

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