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Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is it to be a warrior?

Hey lovies. We Love Role-Play had one heck of an opening yesterday and was very rewarding to see all those people stacking at the entrance when finally it opened. I want to thank you all the team of creators and the organizing crew that invited me to be part of this and believe me, is much as nerve wrecking for us just like for y'all too. We bloggers try our best to promote all the events and if it's not a success, part of it is our fault! We have the job to let the world know about these things and present the public with easy access information. Seraphim Blog made a great coverage so if you want the FULL sneak peak in 1 post of this event check out this link HERE.

Today i want to dedicate this post to all the brave scarlet warriors of Gor!  
The Muses is a fantastic fantasy store with a bunch of original mesh creations for men and women. I had blogged Muses in the past (Check Post Here) and this store quickly became one of my favorites on the list of rp clothing merchants and for being recent you will amazed how much you can pick from. For the We Love Role-Play the creator of The Muses made an amazing discount of 50% off for this tunic and a dress! AWESOME!
A warrior is not complete without a comfortable pair of boots and of course..the weapons! 
The Lounge is offering this pair of mesh boots for only 50L and you can pick from rigged or non rigged mesh and back or brown colours. Arent these a beauty?
Grab these deals and gifts quick!

★ Skin & Shape from Tellaq (Free - Men Only Hunt 3) ★
★ Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L) ★
★ Facial Hair from Hot Dive (Free - Men Only Hunt 3) ★
★ "Alchemy Robe" from The Muses (150L - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Robe in 5 Sizes, Black/Red Trim and Red/Black Trim.) ★
★ Boots from The Lounge (50L - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Rigged Mesh Calf Boots in sizes L, M, S and One Non Rigged Mesh) ★
★ "Gladius of Mortus" Weapons Series Novo 2.02 from Ez Weaponry
(600L. Includes Shield, Sheath Shield, Shield v3, Sword, Sheath Sword, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Novo2 Hud)
★ Poses from SAAL, Grafica & Diesel Works (Free - Men Only Hunt 3) ★

 "What is it to be a warrior?" she asked.
"It is to keep the codes," I said. "You may think that to be a warrior is to be large, or strong, and to be skilled with weapons, to have a blade at your hip, to know the grasp of the spear, to wear the scarlet, to know the fitting of the iron helm upon one's countenance, but these things are not truly needful; they are not, truly, what makes one man a warrior and another not. Many men are strong, and large, and skilled with weapons. Any man might, if he dared, don the scarlet and gird himself with weapons. Any man might place upon his brow the helm of iron. But it is not the scarlet, not the steel, not the helm of iron which makes the warrior."
She looked up at me. "It is the codes," I said.
"Beasts of Gor" page 340
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