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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charmy Atenea, The Pink Jaw Breaker

We Love Role-Play is officially open! Grab your pants, skirts, bows, swords and armors and head to parcel location HERE!

I have to say i had a blast this morning when i visited the event and i got a good laugh out of it. The place was busy with all the bloggers and the event crew walking around taking pictures and putting up the last vendors. As i was looking for a spot to take some pictures i found my pops in law StopPervingMe Resident and Lux from the The Gorean Brat blog (by the way they making a wonderful coverage of this event too so visit their blog!) and The Blogging Elf herself! As we were having a small chat i had to snap a picture of the moment.

THEN, all hell broke loose when i told Jon that i actually had naughty adventures with my wifey kayla on top of the garbage disposal and things went....

Jøη Cadán (stoppervingme): OMG
GM 4.41: StopPervingMe Resident hit you with [EZ] Jaw breaker -novo2.02 (15%) - strike type: sword
GM 4.41: StopPervingMe Resident hit you with [EZ] Jaw breaker -novo2.02 (15%) - strike type: sword
GM 4.41: StopPervingMe Resident hit you with [EZ] Jaw breaker -novo2.02 (15%) - strike type: sword
GM 4.41: StopPervingMe Resident Has Captured PewPew Zero!
Mother Superior PewPew ( AND SHE HAS A NICE ***
Jøη Cadán (stoppervingme): omg
Jøη Cadán (stoppervingme): your gonna die
Mother Superior PewPew ( AND HER ****** IS FLUFFY
GM 4.41 shouts: PewPew Zero has been killed by StopPervingMe Resident

However my after death experience was very interesting as i continued to snap pictures of the wonderful items that i was wearing. 
I decided to make a fun mix with some of We <3 Role-Play merchants and it came to this. On one side, the C'est la vie dress that i'm wearing represents the purity, innocence and feminism of all gorean women and on the other side the sweet shield and sword from Ez Weaponry shows the strong and honorable side of all Free women.
If you never visited C'est la vie, you don't have a clue on what your missing. All her merchandise has great smooth colors, very feminine and she always gives out great group and hunt gifts...and oh the price tags are GREAT! A large portion of my wardrobe comes from
C'est la vie and yes you can totally wear all her items to play on a rp environment.
Check out the credits below!

★ Skin from WoW Skins (Group Gift) ★
★ Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L) ★
★ "Jaw Breaker" & "Instigator Shield" from from Ez Weaponry (450L *25% Off* - We Love Role-Play Event.) ★
★ "Charm Dress" from C'est la vie (170L - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes 5 Sizes XXS, XS, S, M and L. Available in Plain Rosy and Plain Ivory.) ★
★ Thighs from Severed Garden (230L - Part of "Pompy" Outfit) ★
★ Fur Vest from Soedara (85L) ★
★ Boots from miel (525L)
★ "Atenea Jewerly" Necklace and Earcuff form May's Soul (70L - The Gorean Room Event)
★ Arm Dagger from Innocuous (199L)
★ Brown Pauldrons from [HANDverk] (150L - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Large and Small Sizes. Available in Black, Gold, Silver, Copper & Brown.) ★

 Jaw Breaker EZ WEAPONS - novo2 melee

    - NO delay when drawing.
    - Great performance in lag.
    - Two range choices
    - Exact Trigger
    - Autofire
    - Hit Report
    - Option to fight in mouselook or 3rd person
    - All range settings follow the GM Weapons guideline
replace weapon for whatever type it is ex : sword, glaive, polearm, spear, axe, club ...
    /1 draw <weapon>
    /1 sheath <weapon>
    /1 drawsheath <weapon>
    /1 range    - toggles between the two ranges
    /1 long      - longest reach, but slowest speed
    /1 short    - shortest reach, but fastest speed
                        [Great axe/hammer does not allow for multiple range settings as stated in the GM Weapons guidelines.]
    /1 report - toggles between report modes
    /1 af - toggles between autofire on and off
    /1 mouselook - switches between 3rd person and mouselook only.
    /1 stanceanim - toggles stance animation if it is included in the weapon
    /1 reset <weapon> - resets the weapon to default settings
    / damage - Toggles between 35% and 40% damage (only works for sword/glaive/scimitar)
                           You have the option to switch the damage type to switch to 35%, this is added to allow females to use
                           sword models on sims that do not allow females to use 40% damage on certain sims.

EZ Instigator Shield

The shield comes with two versions, the first animates your avatar when used, the other, (No Anim) has a priority 1 animation that will not change most animation overrides unless it's turned off.

Basic info:
To ensure cheat free shield system then a closed source shield script is provided free of charge for anyone to use. The shield protocol also has digital signature so that even if people listen to what the shields say then they still cannot make a script from scratch.

Shields dodge melee strikes always if and only if you have defense left on your meter. Shielding a strike takes defense from you. A shield can shield from ranged attack also though only at 30% success rate and it never can shield a direct hit.

sing the shield:

/1 draw shield
        * Draws the shield
/1 sheath shield
        * Sheaths the shield
Holding down page down or C key while shield is drawn applies the shield in battle.
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