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Monday, May 20, 2013

Order of Ironfist

Hey guys! Hope you all had fun times here in Second Life because i surely missed it! My moving is done and now is time to do the unpacking job and catch up with what i missed around SL *i apologize for all the creators that sent me stuff, i'll catch up this week!*. 
There is a TON of new releases and the 25L Tuesday is approaching! yay!

Tonight's post is a little special to me. I'm getting ready to re-open Silent Running with a GE group called Order of Ironfist and while the last preps are getting done i snapped few pictures on the current docks. As soon the region goes icly, you are all invited to visit, role-play or even pew pew. Hope you like the items featured below and take a good look at those gorgeous banners from Dysfunctional Designs and this beautiful Katana, a new brand new release from Ez Weaponry. The Fancy Banners you see on the pictures below are included in one big package for only 165L. You will get the freestanding banners and the ones for the wall plus you can customize them and slap your own texture on them! While your in the store, swing by the group gift stand and grab those wonderful gifts Miss Anke put out for us. Recently 2 more were added to celebrate the 2k members in the group: Mesh Rock Path and Mop & Bucket.

★ Mesh Dress with Tangos Applier from The Plastik (199L - We Love Role-Play Event.) ★
★ "Izo Katana" Weapons Series Novo 2.02 from Ez Weaponry
(600L. Includes Katana, Sheath Katana, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Novo2 Hud)
★ Fancy Banners from Dysfunctional Designs  (165L. Includes 2 Styles: Freestanding and Wall Mounted. Make your own texture or use one of the 6 included colors. 1 Prim Each. Copy/Mod. 100% Original Mesh) ★
★ Tunic Set from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★
★ Fern Clumps from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★
★ Mop & Bucket from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★
★ Empty Rustic Shelf from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★
★ Houseplant from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★
★ Rock Path from Dysfunctional Designs (Group Gift) ★

     "Many moons ago, The Land of Silent Running, just south of the great city of Koroba, was claimed by a wealthy wanderer. The lands quickly became the home of several outlaws and fugitives and a "boom" settlement took over the lush forests of Silent Running. This band of outlaws named themselves "Rebel Reivers" and with the rich soil and the pure water, the community thrived for many years.

By the Year 10162 of Contasta Ar, the "Rebel Reivers" had fought a 1000 battles and blood was spilled day after day. The lack of food and water meant that these resources were in vast need. The fresh water rivers and all the cattle suffered substantial losses while the 1000 battles occurred.

The land keepers were forced to impose more taxes on the villagers to pay for shipments of food and water from Thentis, Laura and Lydius; but the citizens did not take well to the tax increase. A civil revolution took place and a few months later, most of the villagers abandoned the settlement except for the land owner, her daughter, the local scribe and a few loyal friends.

It was the Year 10163 of Contasta Ar and the last of the Rebel Reivers had slowly embraced regular life again on the deserted land, where just enough resources were still available for the small amount of peasants. In time, many travelers and guests tried to make the Silent Running lands their home, but the lack of resources, high taxes and harsh landscape would not make this dream come true.

Recently, a group of miners proposed an offer to the land keepers to mine the mountains and if something valuable was found, half of the profits would be shared. As the work began, it was discovered that Silent Running was even richer then anybody had believed it to be. Exceeding everyone’s expectations; Sapphires, Diamonds, Opals and Rubies became the most extracted mineral off the high mountains. Instantly, what had been a poor region once again became the rich, thriving place to be.

Fertilizer bags were shipped, along with more cattle and water to make the lands of Silent Running livable and more independent. This well-provided-for countryside had caught the attention of several wealthy farmers willing to enlarge their business and make trades or profit by sea. Quickly, the region grew and expanded making Silent Running once again, the perfect retreat for all noble goreans."
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