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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Block of the Curulean

★ Mesh Corset with Tangos Applier from Una (250L - Part of "Caperucita" Dress)
★ Mesh "Elven Pants" from May's Soul (100L. Includes 5 Sizes & Bandleg. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green & Red.) ★
★ Eyes from By Snow (Group Gift)
★ Necklace & Collar from Gspot (245L *Part of "Extremely Coy" Outfit* - We Love Role-Play Event.)
★ Bunny Ears from Mabinogion (99L - We Love Role-Play Event. Available in Black or White)
★ Boots from The Lounge (50L - We Love Role-Play Event. Includes Rigged Mesh Calf Boots in sizes L, M, S and One Non Rigged Mesh) ★
★ Working Bag from Tentacio (65L - Black Only Event. Available in several colors at Tentacio Mainstore, 100L each)

"I had been sold for nine pieces of gold.
The man mounted to the saddle of the tarn. The tarn screamed and began to beat its wings. Then the basket jerked forward, on its leather runners, and skidded across the clearing, and then, swung below the tarn.
I was on my way to the market.
I was sold from the great block of the Curulean, in Ar, for twelve pieces of gold, purchased by the master of a paga tavern, who thought his patrons might enjoy amusing themselves with me, a girl who wore penalty brands."
"Captive of Gor" page 355 
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