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Monday, April 15, 2013

Yamato Clan

You most probably noticed or heard by now that a new update of the Gorean Meter came out and you took your time to open the package and read the notecards, right? Oh, you didn't? Okay then, read below all the new features and patches that came out with the GM 4.41:

* Minor tweaks and fixes.

* Makes you all high on kanda when your feeling bad.

...and thats it! No damn idea what was the fixes and this kanda thing however we all do appreciate GM team work on developing and updating the meter. If you happen to know exactly what fixes and tweaks are these, share please!

Lets move on. SL has been hit with Fairs after Fairs and this time the Cosmetic Fair Event is waiting for you at the MONS region. Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Frecklers, Lipstick, Blush Packs and much more can be found there! Open till April 30th.

Another special Fair is going to open pretty soon! I talk of Fantasy Faire 2013. I was lucky to catch the past editions of the giant Fantasy mall and oh my god! First off, you will absolutely love the sim design. Many photographers around SL chosen the Fantasy Faire Grounds to take some of the most beautiful portraits seen around the grid and then you will have lots and lots of fantasy merchants together in one place. Gor has a special place in the Faire because of being the most popular type of role play in SL so you will see a lot of goodies for us. Keep your eyes open for this one and treat yourself to nine days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts and roleplaying to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer, starting April 20th.

Check out what i grabbed in some of the events that are going on. Enjoy <3

★ Mesh Hair from Truth (250L) ★
★ Mesh Dress with Tangos Applier from Mon Cheri (125L + 50L *for Applier* - The Big Bo.obies Show Fair)
★ Necklace from miel (Old Group Gift)
★ Headband from Mons [ M O N S ] (70L - The Dressing Room Fusion)
★ Earcuffs from Inside Lab (Group Gift)
★ Poses with Flowers from Nani Poses (Free - Blooming Into The Season Hunt)★
"Kwatsu Kamachi, Son of Jimmu Tenno The Divine Warrior, Yamato Clan…has been trained his entire life to become the Warrior Leader of his father’s Clan upon his father’s death. While in his late 20′s on a lone trip deep in the hunting grounds of his Clan the Priest Kings came for him! With him, his Yumi or long bow, His Katana and a short scimitar captured from an enemy some time back. HIs kit bag included several changes of clothing, his light armor and one formal outfit."
Swordsman of Gor

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