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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time For Your Bath, Master

Hope you had a great weekend dear reader! As i sneaked out for this weekend, many of the shopping events re-opened again and some of them are new. Let me give you the info: Flawless Spring Cart Sale is the new thing in town. Skins, Poses & Shapes are the hot items of this shopping event and hunt, so don't forget to add it to your calendar. 
Lazy Sunday is another weekly event that started over yesterday. You can see a preview of the items HERE to plan on where your $$$ are going to :P

Bees Through the Seasons is back! I personally consider this event one of my favorites. You can find here simple items and wonderful textures from clothing to decor..absolutely adorable

Structure Your Skin Project, The Dressing Room Fusion and SL Fashion Week  are a must to all shopaholics. You can find nice skins & shapes for no more then 100L, a bunch of accessories and of course the earth clothing to play around with..oh and yeah, for male and female!

You like 'hem large, you like 'hem big? The Big Bo.obies Show has been around for few months with weekly events specially for the lovers of BIG bewbs! Now they took it to a whole other level. The Big Bo.obies Show Fair is open exclusively for mesh breast users or perverts that likes to watch them. A massive virtual facility with dozens of stores selling clothing and other acessories with the so needed extra cloth to cover our "girls".

Last one! Bazaar Kawaii Fair 2013 has been a buzz in all SL blogs. I didn't had the chance to visit it but ill leave the link with you because it truly looks promising.   

Let's finish this post with some gorean education, shall we?
 Gorean Bath houses appear to be based on those found in Roman times. They are popular gathering places and the perfect place to pick up gossip and the latest news. Is it knowned that Gorean Bath Houses had hot, warm and cold baths depending on the location and affordability of the village/city. 
As you can imagine, men and women used separated bath houses and they all had to pay for the services provided by the bath slave girls. You might find it funny but is it stated on the books a scene of warrior purchasing a drink while using the bath house and weight lifting exercise is possible inside this facility as well!
The bath slaves girls had to usually follow a ritual that included the use of oils and strigils. Massage service is offered as well but you need to make sure the slave is not owned by a private Master.

With this said, Dysfunctional Designs has once again, great goodies to come and i was fortunate to have a sneak peek of these awesome bath tubs. Both of them has beautiful coordinated animations and they are coming out very soon.

★ Olde Wooden Bath from Dysfunctional Designs (Coming Soon - Includes: 7 Animations, 1 Prim, Copyable, 100% Original Mesh )

★ Footed Simple Bath from Dysfunctional Designs (Coming Soon - Includes: 8 Animations, Texture Changer, 1 Prim, Copyable, 100% Original Mesh ) ★


"There are many types of baths, and ways to take them, for example, depending on the temperatures of the tubs, or pools, and the order in which one uses them. A common fashion is to use the first tub for a time, soaking, and, if one wishes, sponging, and then, emerging, to apply the oil, or oils. These are rubbed well into the skin and then removed with the strigil. There are various forms of strigil, and some of them are ornately decorated. They are usually of metal and almost always of a narrow, spatulate form. With the strigil one scrapes away the residue of oil, and, with it, dirt and sweat, cleaning the pores. One then generally takes the “second tub”, which consists of clean water, sponges away any remaining grime, residues of oil and dirt, and such, and then, luxuriating, soaks again."
Renegades of Gor

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