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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Salerian Confederation

Let me give you an update of what's going on out there. Acid Lily Gallery, Whore Couture Monthly Edition, Collabor88 & Lyfe of Style are once again open for the public with new stuff. I personally recommend Collabor88 for Jewelry and Skin shopping but beware of the massive lag! For the Lola's Tango users, swing by the other events, there's a bunch of clothing with tango appliers for a nice price.

If your a regular guest on my blog your pretty familiar for the countless times i blog May's Soul. She rocks the gorean market with her super cute stuff and the recent releases are no exception. This set was as well part of the 25L Tuesday and it still can be purchase for only 25L, i am not sure how longer will have this price tag so you liked it as much as i did, race to May's Soul asap.

Hair from Miss C (Gift @ the.event Hollywood)
★ "Apache Set" from May's Soul (25L - Includes Feather Collar & Bracelets. Mesh Non Rigged)
"Delicate Girl" Dress from May's Soul (25L - Includes Mesh Dress, Necklace & Leg Warmers)

 "Lara lies between the Olni and the Vosk, at their confluence. It is regarded as being of great strategic importance. It could, if it wished, prevent Olni shipping from reaching the markets of the Vosk towns, and, similarly, if it wished, prevent shipping from these same towns from reaching the Olni markets. Overland shipping in this area, as is generally the case on Gor, is time consuming and costly; also, it is often dangerous.It is interesting to note that the control of piracy on the Olni was largely a function of the incorporation of Lara in the confederation. This made it difficult for the pirate fleets, following their raids, to descend the Olni and escape into the Vosk. "
"Fighting Slave of Gor" page 172

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