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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kaisa Clock

Expediente-SL and Avatars in Motion are two of the blogs i visit daily. The blog writers find very often beautiful SL regions and they are kind to share with us the locations. If you are a sl photographer or just a blogger seeking beautiful backgrounds feel free to visit the blogs i mentioned above plus you can research on flickr as well. You can find there tons of groups dedicated to only sl photography and they have posted here and there a lot of tips about this topic.

Fri*Friday, Going Bust & Lazy Sunday already started this new week with a new round of hot steals as we heat up for my favorite weekly shopping event: 25L Tuesday! Things are going to get even smokin steamy as the We Love Role-Play is about to open doors next week! The list of participants was published yesterday in the official blog and i be damned isn't that bunch of creators all good lookin'? 

I end this post with news about Returned Karma. This wonderful gorean themed store is sailing off to other adventures and i wish Karma's new project best of luck. Quoting her notecard to the bloggers group:
"After almost 4 years of being open, Returned Karma has decided to merge with a very close and talented friend, Kattington Resident.. Owner of Milk.

Milk is very well known for it's Tango-compatible slutgear and the amazing quality & style Kattington has always offered in her releases.

Milk has asked me to Co-Own along side her in running Milk and we've decided to bring RK over to create an entirely new twist on both our styles. Future releases will include boobie-compatible clothing *boobie-compatible mesh as well!* post-apoc/fantasy style, nerdwear, anime, slutgear.. Needless to say.. It's a super exciting lineup!"

★ Skin from Aeva (Group Gift) ★
★ Mesh Hair from Lelutka (315L) ★
★ Mesh Shirt from Chandelle (Group Gift) ★
★ Mesh Skirt, Belt & Boots from Eruption (500L - Part of "Black Widow" Outfit) ★
★ Necklace from Just You Jewels (1L - Marketplace) ★
★ Headdress from GSpot (299L - Part of "Dreamy" Dress)★
★ Nails from [Bamboo] Nails (Group Gift) ★

  "These clocks are arranged in such a way that each has a tiny spigot which may be open and closed, this determining weather sand falls or not. When it is open for one player, it is off for the other. These spigots are linked in such a way that when one is open the other must be closed; the spigot turned by a given player closes his own clock's sand passage and opens that of his opponent; when the clocks must be both stoped, as for an adjournment of play they are placed on their side by the chief judge of the match (...)."
Beasts of Gor page 85
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