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Saturday, April 27, 2013


★ Mesh Hair from Tameless (1L - Who's That Girl Hunt) ★
 ★ Skin from Modish (1L - Who's That Girl Hunt) ★
★ Mesh Top from shine (1L - Who's That Girl Hunt) ★
★ Mesh Skirt from Gala Fashion Design (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Flats from AUSHKA&CO (Group Gift)

 "In many Gorean cities, accordingly, the Twelfth Passage Hand, the five days preceding the Waiting Hand, that time to which few Goreans look forward with eagerness, is carnival. The fact that it was now only two days to the Twelfth Passage Hand, explained the presence of the unusual number of theatrical and carnival troupes now in the city." 
Players of Gor page 10
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